Capturing moments won’t worry you because now you have an action packed camera that gives you exactly what would have longed for. The ODRVM WIFI Action Camera, the camera boasts of 12 MP sports action camera along with hard rock housing case. You can simply dive and yet click pictures. Recording moments underwater are so much easier now.

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The shape of the action camera is the most convenient for certain application. The box shaped device is simply perfect to mount it on a helmet. The product dimensions are 1 x 1.6 x 2.6 inches, whereas it weighs 2.2 ounces. The camera is quite compact and easy to carry anywhere


How it is the best alternative to GoPro let’s see that.

Durability At its Best

Since the camera is both weatherproof and waterproof, it enlists itself amongst the list of best quality cameras. You don’t need to take much care of it while taking pictures in the coarse environment.

odrvm action camera review

The ODRVM WIFI Action Camera comes with accessories that let you attach helmet for getting those marvelous HD video recording sessions. The lightweight design would let you grab those worthy moments that let you feel everything right on your helmet. Besides, the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity can be directly associated with the smartphone that features a complete control on shots. With so many accessories that come free with the camera pack, it forms a perfect gadget for a beginner as well as a professional. It allows you to do everything outdoors and underwater without reading the fear of damage.

The video Quality 

If you are not buying a camera just for using as a keepsake, then video shooting quality actually matters a lot. ODRVM action camera is a brand model currently. It has a high resolution and the best shooting quality that none of the gadgets can give. The resolution of the pictures is not less than 12M / 8M / 5M. Though the camera doesn’t fetch that 4k video resolution, the 1080 and 720 p shooting quality is just fine to keep things going well. With 170 degree + HD wide-angle 6G lens, high-end videos can be shouted.odrvm action camera review

The action camera can record up to 30 frames per second. You can stay rest assured that the gadget would fetch you an outrageous performance in every circumstance. The 12 MP camera allows you to have moments that have bright and vivid colors. The climactic videos are just impressively shot with the wide-angle camera lens.

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The Handiness and Reliability

The 1050mAh battery makes ODRVM WIFI Action Camera a worthy device. You get a spare battery to replace it with the dead one. The best part of the device is its charging through a simple USB cord. Where maximum of the cameras are just about 3-4 hours of power back up, ODRVM WIFI Action WaterproofCamera would fact you at least 5 hours of working.

However, the efficiency might get slightly down in case you switch on the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other functions together. Despite being a normal range camera, the battery backup has been kept extremely impressive. The waterproof casing would let you use the camera even when you are using it underwater. Everything has been done to safeguard it when submerged deep in water.

The Multi-Tasking Piece

odrvm action camera review

ODRVM WIFI Action is a gadget for snorkeling, diving, and underwater of course. You can always carry it while cycling and racing outdoors. The footage captivated at road level is more than just perfect. They would give you a next level photography. To mount it on any thing is easy because it comes with a lot of accessories which provide the easy mounting.

No Connectivity issues

As mentioned already, ODRVM WIFI Action is a full package. It would allow you have a quick transfer of files through the Bluetooth feature. Also, you can establish a connection through the built-in Wi-Fi feature of the camera so, you can easily watch the live recording.

The Storage 

The ODRVM Action Camera needs a class 10 memory card with up to 32 GB storage to work at its best.  A high-end SD card would save you against jerky footage and dropped rams. The writing speed of ODRVM Camera is 312 MB/s. hence; you must ensure that nothing less than a class 10 memory is adopted. If think that 32 GB is pricey, you can go for class 10 16GB memory card.

Multi Function

The ODRVM action camera has the Multi functional for recording video and capturing images in the different mode. Like time-lapse, motion detection, car mode, cycle record time-lapse, diving mode. You can set the recording mode as per your need and get the best result of that. 


All in all, the ODRVM Action Camera has every option that a camera owner would love to have. It is a brand model that won’t let you have a bad mood after seeing your pictures in it. The price of ODRVM Camera has been kept at just $54.99 on amazon.