There is something about Nokia that makes fans go all excited about it although it itself battling a pretty tight situation. The crowded smartphone market race shows no mercy to those not paying heed to the requirement of consumers but nevertheless, there is always an exception. And this time it is Nokia. Like a Phoenix bird, the Finnish Communication and Information Technology Company has got up from nearly being ashes and is gathering momentum in the race. With a lot of smartphones waiting to be launched this year, 2017, the stakes are very high.

Nokia 9

It is quite confusing as to which smartphone among Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 will be the current year flagship of Nokia. There is something going on about the number 8 in the Android market with major electronic companies like Apple and Samsung touting iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 as their flagships. Alcatel even changed the name of its smartphone to suit the trend. But Nokia, as always, may take a different route. A recent leak showed reportedly shows photos of the concept of Nokia 9. The Nokia 9 in the leaked photos looks stunningly beautiful in all its glory. One concept photo shows a Nokia 9 device with display curved backward at the edge, eliminating the bezel. This has set off a fresh set of rumors that the Nokia 9 will be bezel-less. Also, it is rumored that it has a 5.5-inch display with a 2:1 aspect ratio. A 2K display is also said to be on the cards. The Nokia 9 handset will be 6.2 mm thick which means that the device will be sleek and slim. It sports a high screen-to-body ratio and looks stunning.

Nokia 9

Talking about the memory in two variants as 6GB RAM with 64GB ROM/ 128GB which is quite new. Also, it appears that Nokia has done away with the home button. Instead, there are three on-screen buttons that will do the job. The rear also seems to be an extravagant affair. It has already been rumored that Nokia 9 will feature a 22MP Carl-Zeiss dual camera with a LED flash. The leaked picture shows it all arranged along a vertical plane with a Nokia brand name engraved on it and the design looks good. Nokia 9 will have an IP68 level of dust and water resistance with a 3800mAh battery. But the irony is that the source is not a credible one has the reputation of being false. Still, the design looks very captivating that if it is real it will sell out fast. The design looks too good to be true. But wait! Who doesn’t like a good rumor!