Till date, NO.1 already has wide ranges of smart watches that have excellent specifications and features. However, recently the company has launched something that is drawing attention more than it ever did before. The NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch is actually a next version of the NO.1 F2 Smartwatch. But this version is greatly different from its previous one. The more refined features along with the battered looks would definitely make you’re craving for this dynamic piece.

Build Quality & Display

The look of the NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch is an average one. It looks quite ordinary when you would carry it on your wrist. However, if you select some funky colors like white, orange, blue and orange, you would feel much better about wearing it. 1.1” segmented code gives a sporty and sturdy look to the watch.  Further, the stainless steel buckle and the removable leather strap is just perfect to give durability to the device.

no.1 f3 smartwatch

The watch activates the night mode when there is low or no light. It has a good display in a bright sunlight. The LED screen of the watch would never disappoint you. Due to the ink display, it consumes less battery and gives you the 1 Year of battery life.

Powerful Hardware

The outdoor features of the watch make it favorite of the buyers. The NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch has 128 MB of internal memory that is equipped with ultraviolet radiation, air pressure, exercise step, calorie consumption, pedometer, altitude, and movement mileage tracking. The watch is featured with the word’s lower power consummation chip. The hardware and display are made Battery work more efficiently.

Battery Power is Superb

The NO.1 F3 IP68 comes with an excellent C2032 battery. It is expected to last for one whole year before being replaced. There is no need to plug in any charger in the watch as it uses the traditional battery type of working. The tiny batteries come embedded within the smartwatch that makes it much more convenient to use it. Due to the powerful and long lasting batteries, I was never worried charge the watch or to set the time repeatedly. When all the smartwatch available on the market use charging batteries to work, NO.1 has astonished users with the totally different integration. To my surprise would like to give an extra rating to watch because of this exceptional feature.

Handle Without Care!

no.1 f3 smartwatch

The NO.1 F3 is blessed with the IP68 Waterproof certification. It is known to render outstanding protection against any kind no external elements such as rain, dust or heat.  I just love to swim, and most of the time I forget to take off my watches while taking a dive. However, when I did the same thing with NO.1 F3, it was perfectly alright. To my surprise, the watch works absolutely well up to the depth of 30 meters. You can use it while conducting your daily chores such as running, exercising, bathing and swimming just the way I do.

Features Can’t be Ignore

Some of the adorable features of the watch consist of 360 rotating dial. Not only this, the watch would conveniently get connected with the digital mobile phones and Bluetooth devices. The notification of any text or call would be conveyed with the small icon at the top of the smartwatch.

Mountain Altitude and Calorie Counter

If you are a sports lover, you would feel your best by wearing NO.1 F3 Smartwatch. The integrated app in the watch would help you to detect the altitude, especially during the rock climbing. The distance traveled and the calorie consumed would all get communed. You can certainly pinpoint the quality of your sportsmanship after you have this watch at your disposal.

Sedentary Reminder

If you have been sitting for a long time and have not done any movement, NO.1 F3 has a reminder for you. The watch would instigate you to work and do some movement through the sedentary reminder.


The watch would give the exact temperature and climate in its tiny screen. It would also predict the future weather because of its barometer feature. Besides, you will get to know the water alterations and UV data synchronized witty the watch.

Bottom Lines

All in all, the watch is a perfect bracelet for both the genders. It has everything to call it a tiny masterpiece. The watch is perfect for the users who often go on an adventure. For them, battery, temperature, altitude are always important and this watch has all. The feature I like the most is Battery and Weather forecasting. No other smartwatch is offering this kind feature at a nominal price.