Today, there is a lot of talks, and sometimes even fierce battles over the pros and cons of vaping for health. First, let’s look at the advantages of an electronic cigarette. These include:

  • The steam causes much less harm to the body than the classical one. This is due to the fact that there is no burning process in the electronic cigarette. And this means that in the process of smoking an electronic cigarette, you will not get into your body either prussic acid, arsenic, nitrogen dioxide, or other harmful substances.
  • Improving health. Many smokers who have changed their smoking habit from cigarettes to the vape noted that the attacks of a morning cough are gradually disappearing, an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth after the sleeping disappears, the sense of smell improves, the shortness of breath disappears with physical exertion and much more.
  • The so-called social acceptability. It is known that the vapor exhaled by smoking an electronic cigarette is harmless. Besides, it often has a pleasant enough aroma. Thus there is no unpleasant smell on the hands, hair, clothing of the smoker. The ability to use Vapingdaily e cig almost any place. Everything that can limit you for today is your conscience, and if you decide to get in the toilet of the school, there will be no penalties for it.

British scientists have concluded that electronic cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes. The corresponding study is published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, briefly reported by EurekAlert!

Experts believe that the cessation of smoking in favor of vaping in the long term leads to a significant reduction in the use of tobacco-related carcinogens and toxins. Vapes such as the small premium vaporizers help in solving the problem on smoking addiction. In the study, experts measured the consumption of harmful concomitant substances by those who use nicotine patches, electronic and conventional cigarettes. According to scientists, their analysis showed that ultimately using e vapors s is equivalent to the use of nicotine patch.

Often, a person who has embarked on the path of electronic smoking tries to deepen his knowledge of all the nuances that accompany the process. Very often such interest grows into a hobby. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of competitions on cloud chasing. Many professionals in this area are daily busy improving their gadgets to release more steam. Do not lag behind these people!

Excursion To The History

The word “vape” appeared very recently. The origins of this concept itself are revealed much earlier – in 1927. It was then that the American scientist Joseph Robinson patents a device that primarily represents the first electronic evaporator (he received the patent in 1930). The aim of this device, at that time, was to deliver drugs in the form of steam to the lungs of patients suffering from lung diseases. Evaporation of a special liquid obtained from steam. With this invention, Robinson wanted to replace the already existing devices that use smoke for the therapy. The herbs burned in them. But the imperfection of technology at that time and the mistrust of the invention did not allow the idea to develop.

In 1963, Herbert Gilbert proposed an alternative way of smoking. The effect in its device was achieved by air passing through a special filter moistened with the tobacco flavor. The heating element was responsible for raising the temperature of the air passing through the filter element. In 1965, Gilbert received the same patent for his invention, as evidenced by a note about him in the scientific journal “Popular Mechanics,” where the American device is called “a new smokeless cigarette without tobacco.”  And for another 30 years, the world practically forgets about this kind of alternative smoking.

In 1998, the famous tobacco company Phillip Morris tried to use the achievements of Herbert Gilbert, created a “vaporizer.” This device used an analog cigarette as an expandable material, which was subjected to heating in it, but not to combustion, which the engineers of the tobacco product manufacturer focused on. Having lost serious money on an unsuccessful development, Phillip Morris did not further develop the idea.

The beginning of “modern” vaping began in 2003 when the new device was invented and patented. And his “father” was the Chinese Hon Lik. Being an avid smoker, like his father, who suffered a severe lung disease on this soil, the Chinese sought a substitute for a bad habit.

The Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Modern unique e-cigs have gone through a severe path of development, and they have very little to do with the first samples that appeared on the market. The growing need for steam quantity, quality of taste, as well as fashion trends radically changed not only the appearance of the devices but also their stuffing.

Speaking about the future of vaping, you need to consider legal issues and technologies. Laws and regulation: at the moment control of the production and sale of e-cig vaporizer depend on the country. One prohibits the manufacture, another forbids the use and production. In other countries, it is possible to produce under government regulation. In any case, there is a possibility that as the industry becomes more ordinary, additional rules and laws can be made about electronic cigarettes and liquids. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the rapid growth and size of the industry, it will be adapted to any legal changes.

Technology: current design trends indicate a further increase in the efficiency of hardware and modifications. The MOD itself is likely to become smaller in size, more efficient, more convenient to use, safer and more comfortable.

So, vape industry is guided not only by market needs but also by innovations. Unlike many industries, this one is fully open to new ideas and focused on the introduction of new concepts. This openness to the evolution of the product is one of the reasons that the industry has grown so fast and evaporators have evolved into more sophisticated devices in such a short time.

If you decide to replace conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, you have to know, that you have made your most important decision in life: do not smoke tobacco. This is indeed the main goal of modern vapers: get rid of deadly cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes gave this opportunity to many former smokers of conventional tobacco.