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New Skills Academy Review: What We Think About Them

At first viewing, you get the impression that New Skills Academy is a professional platform thanks to their impressive website. Everything about the site looks and feels the part, so this immediately reassures us that New Skills Academy is a credible learning platform which everyone will find useful.

So far, in excess of 310,000 people have taken a course with this organisation, so can this amount of people be wrong? In fact, there are countless positive reviews and feedback from students of New Skills Academy, which reinforces the increasing popularity of their programs. There are over 600 online courses to take on, and these cover a wide range of subjects. From admin and animal care through to computing and language, if you want to study it, there will be the opportunity to do so at New Skills Academy, and this is great.

Furthermore, these aren’t courses put together by just anyone. And this is what separates New Skills Academy from other online learning platforms. Every course which is available to study using the portal has been put together by experts in their field. The lessons are all detailed and have the right degree of challenge in them to make them extremely beneficial.

With the courses very much being the type you can expect to study at college, for example, there will, of course, be times when you may run into trouble. New Skills Academy has thought ahead though, ensuring that they have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable tutors on hand to provide the right amount of support when needed, which is a godsend.

Unlike college, at New Skills Academy, it’s learning on your specific terms; and we’re big fans of this. While most people now own multiple devices such as a PC or laptop, a smartphone and a tablet, in many cases where learning is concerned; they’re limited as to how they can complete their course. At New Skills Academy users can study using any of their devices, meaning they can do their work whenever is convenient for them, and from wherever too.

You’re able to learn with confidence at New Skills Academy too. All their courses are approved by the CPD Certification Service. It is an independent recognised organisation set up in 1996, which works together with the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. This ultimately gives all students peace of mind, about the value of their qualification. So that you know with New Skills Academy, all courses offered are above board and authentic.

When a course is complete, the user can gain the qualification they set out to achieve, which is recognised and reputable. It’s excellent for those who may be looking to make a career change or even to get back into employment. All qualifications at New Skills Academy can be validated too, with verification via the website available twenty-four hours a day.

We’re massive fans of New Skills Academy because they put the student in the driving seat. They also make the journey a comfortable and safe one too, with the measures they’ve put in place to get their courses checked and approved, while all qualifications are valid. It’s a platform which offers a whole heap of opportunities for anyone.