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The past few months have felt like something of a landmark period for mobile gaming, with some major releases becoming available on the App Store and Google Play and some exciting announcements emerging on what is coming next.

But which games are currently performing well and attracting plenty of attention from smartphone and tablet owners? Well, new data released earlier this month has put a spotlight on the titles which have proven to be the most popular in the third quarter of this year.

Incredible figures

The latest figures from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence data have revealed that mobile users spent almost $22 billion on apps for both iOS and Android across Q3 2019, with the figure marking a 22.9 percent increase from the same period last year.

Looking more specifically at gaming, it was revealed that total global mobile game gross revenue reached $16.3 billion, which was up 20 percent from 12 months earlier. Examining the most popular games, the research revealed how Mario Kart Tour was the third most-downloaded game of the period with 86 million downloads – a feat which was particularly impressive as it only launched in the final week of the quarter.

Nintendo’s title was behind only Fun Race 3D and PUBG Mobile in terms of downloads across the period, while the latter led the way ahead of Honor of Kings and Fate/Grand Order when it came to the top games by revenue. Incredibly, it is believed that PUBG Mobile generated in the region of $496 million in Q3 alone.

Unstoppable success

Such figures clearly demonstrate the impressive and seemingly unstoppable success that mobile gaming is enjoying at the moment. Improvements in mobile technology in recent years have transformed the gaming capabilities of smartphones and tablets, with that meaning so many different experiences can now be accessed.

Sensor Tower’s data highlights how the most popular games take in a range of genres, from battle royale and racing to strategy and puzzles. Furthermore, casino games have found a place on mobile too, with a growing number of brands competing to get new players signed up to their services. If you are interested in this type of game, you’d be crazy to not try and get the best bonus before opening a casino account, as different online and mobile casino operators offer a range of different deals in their battle to attract members.

However, while the range of mobile gaming on offer at the moment is undoubtedly exciting, it is an area which only looks set to get even more thrilling. The recent announcement that Riot Games is bringing its iconic eSports title League of Legends to iOS and Android in 2020 is yet another sign that mobile is the place to be.

Intriguing future

Sensor Tower’s data has provided a truly fascinating insight into the current state of play within mobile gaming and how the area is seemingly going from strength to strength.

It will truly be intriguing to see if the growth seen in gaming downloads and revenue continues, as well as which new titles could have what it takes to challenge the current leaders across the months ahead.