The Chinese tech company Bluboo will be hitting the market with its first rugged smartphone which will be embarked with plenty of flagship features that were never seen before in any rugged device. Bluboo named It as Bluboo R1, being its first rugged smartphone where R stands for rugged and 1 stands for first when combined becomes ‘R1’ with that being said let’s see what are these outstanding features that will be offered here.

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BATTERY KING”- Bluboo R1 7150 mAh

Generally, customers are tired of charging their smartphone again & again, where most of them can’t do much about it some of these tend to purchase highly efficient power beasts that are never hungry for a charge and give you around 2-3 days of battery life easily. With this smartphone, Bluboo has dethroned most of the famous battery efficient smartphones that were famous for high efficient battery life.

Some new details revealed about Bluboo R1 which indicates that it will be coming with a massive 7150mAh battery life. And that is not a speculation which means you will be getting around 57 hours of browsing, 85 hours of continuous music playback and a standby time of 650 hours.

MediaTek Helio X30

That was not all this smartphone will be the first rugged device coming with a MediaTek Helio X30 which was unveiled at the MWC in past few weeks, this SoC promises to be 50 % more efficient in terms of power consumption and up to 35 % improvement in performance over its predecessor Helio X20.

It is even rumored to gauge around 4 gigs of RAM and 64GB of internal storage which will make it few of the most powerful smartphones not only in the rugged category but in every sector of the smartphone industry.

There is more to this smartphone than power alone. Being a rugged device the Bluboo R1 will also be equipped with waterproofing thanks to its IP68 rating this phone will even withstand 1 meter of submerging for a time period of half an hour, it will also come with full resistance of other elements like dust, humidity, etc.

The Bluboo R1 is will also come with another major feature making it the first ever rugged smartphone to come with wireless charging.

Bluboo being far ahead of its competitors in the rugged sector of the smartphone will be making a spectacular entrance into the rugged sector of smartphones through its Bluboo R1. This phone not only holds up in its toughness but it will also be a monstrous performer with a massive battery life and loaded with some of the most futuristic and advanced features. It is said to be launched in next 1 or 2 months probably before MAY 17.