Home Smartphones Namotel Acche Din Review : Worlds Cheapest Smartphone, Online booking @ Rs 99

Namotel Acche Din Review : Worlds Cheapest Smartphone, Online booking @ Rs 99


As the name suggest ‘Acche din‘, meaning good days, are finally here and the company we should thank is Namotel, which was established recently under a major project started by the Indian Government called ‘Make in India’. Namotel mobile is India’s most talked about and fastest growing mobile phone manufacturer with high sales growth from the first year of operations. And is looking to launch a ₹99 phone called “Namotel Acche Din”.

Namotel ACCHE DIN Smartphone Review

Namotel was established in the year 2016 under  Checkout technologies Pvt. Ltd. With its headquarters in Bangalore and is planning to open offices in major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai. They are here to stay long and good by providing in-house masterpieces with innovative thinking and designing.

Namotel has come up with 5 major smartphones each being distinctive from other and a total makeover for each phone which is very good to see from an Indian manufacturer. The first is Namotel VVIP with a gold plated body, others are Namotel Uth Shine, F-Power, Aazadi, and the most recent is Namotel Acche Din.

So let’s start the overview and specification look-up of the cheapest smartphone Namotel Acche din. 


The Namotel Acche Din has been designed to meet the expectations of a normal user and it has a decent overall look. The whole body has been made out of plastic which is pretty much obvious at this price.

The speakers are located at the back and there are three navigation buttons found below the screen. The phone has a decent build but it is still not confirmed and we have to look forward to its release to clear all our doubts.


The Namotel Acche Din gives more than a decent 4.0”inch Full HD Display with 1280x720p resolutions which is very good in every aspect for this smartphone.

From the looks, the display seems to be very good, although it is very small compared to the trending cheap smartphones but we have to say this phone stands in his own league with a price tag which is something no one has ever seen before.


The Namotel Acche Din is powered by a Quad- core processor which is more than enough for a normal user and 1 GB of ram which helps us to perform regular tasks with smooth transaction speed. There is a 4 GB of internal storage also provided here to keep all the necessary things into your phone.

But, this device does not support Micro SD cards. Still, the processor found here is definitely remarkable with a decent amount of ram to perform some high-quality tasks and that is really a great point for this smartphone at such a low budget.


Camera of namotel acche din
2 MP Rear Camera in Namotel Acche din smartphone

This little smartphone a very low budget that too also has 2 cameras! Yes, you heard me right. The Namotel Acche Din also sports 2 front and rear cameras where the rear camera is a 2 MP shooter with a normal picture quality,

On the front, we have a small 0.3 MP camera that does its job, but the quality is not that good, still at this range the presence of the front camera is more than enough for buyers to buy this device.


This Namotel smartphone comes with the outdated Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box but the company has said that this device will receive a system update for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

It is still not confirmed but according to the rumors and other news, it will get the update of Android 6.0 soon enough after its launch.


The Namotel Acche Din mobile phone is powered by a small 1325 mAh battery which is not so good but is said to give enough power to this device to last half a day because the specs are not so heavy the load on its battery is also very less which helps the battery to last long.

Few More Noticeable Feature

Even though the list has been long enough for such a low priced smartphone, there are few features that are worth mentioning in this device.

  • Dual Sim Support

The Namotel Acche Din also has dual sim slots meaning, this smartphone can support up to two different sim cards which can run on 3G and 2G both, which is another handy feature inside this not so big Namotel android device

  • Other Features

This device comes preloaded with some of the most important and needed features for an average user like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, headphone Jack. And it also supports dual 3G which means both the sim cards can run 3G.

Namotel Acche din also has built-in sensors like Proximity, Accelerometer, and Ambient light sensor.

Price and release date of Namotel Acche din mobile phone:

The price of this device is now confirmed to be ₹99 only and that itself is unbelievable and not only that this device will also come in 2 different variants but will be available to limited users who have registered successfully for ordered through online booking. According to rumors it will be available after May 2017.

Pros and Cons:

The Price tag of Acche Din is definitely the best thing about this phone
No external SD card
Good hardware specs for this price rangeVery less internal storage of 4GB only
A Full HD high-resolution display
Dual camera


Final Verdict:

The Namotel Acche Din another super low budget smartphone looking to strike the Indian mobile market just like the Freedom 251 did but without disappointing its customers and providing them with something unexpected and completely outstanding for this price range.

My advice to all will be to buy this phone as soon as you have the opportunity to do so and rest assured you will surely get love it.

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