The video game industry is one of the most vigorously developing on the world market, which revenues exceed both the movie and music industry combined. Whether for mere entertainment, higher education purposes, or to simply pass the time, we do love games, because of their appealing graphic design and features. With the rapid development of mobile apps, game developers also moved on from PCs and consoles to conquer this new and virginal land. And it looks like they did it with a major success.

According to the reports, mobile gaming is the second top activity that U.S. adults spend their time on, of course, right behind the social media. Today we have various kinds of mobile apps, ranging from brain-engaging puzzles, strategy games, throughdeeply immersive role-playing games, and ending with increasingly popular applications for betting. If you are unacquainted with some of the most popular types of game apps and want to try your hand at gaming, here’s the list that you may find useful.

Puzzle Games

You wouldn’t believe so, but these oldies are still as popular as ever! We’re talking here about all kind of brain-engaging puzzles that base on the wordplay, quizzes, and charades, such as Sudoku and Draw Something. We tend to play them with friends usually in order to socialise.

There are also other, more serious, so to say, puzzle games which purpose is to test and improve your brain capabilities, including cognitive functioning, memory capacity, processing speed, and problem-solving skills. The example here is Lumosity. According to its developers, a single session in this game during the day may significantly improve your mental abilities. I won’t judge whether it’s true or not, but don’t be surprised that one day during the interview with your boss he or she may challenge you for a brain duel in one of these apps!

Strategy Games

Whereas in puzzle games your goal is to outwit your opponents on the field of mind, in strategy games you usually crush them by brute force on the field of battle. The strategy games genre encompasses a whole variety of actions focused on carefully planning your moves, building an army, making (or breaking) alliances and running your “seat of power”.

Basically, during the game, your goal is to perform all the necessary steps to defeat your enemy one way or another. Sometimes you are given a chance to guide a deadly virus to wipe out the entire civilisation as Plague Inc. shows it. Other times, however, in Civilisation Revolution 2 you run a regular country on its way to glory and victory. All in all, strategy games involve your logic, intuition, and assessment of odds.

Gambling and Betting Apps

Gambling can bring a lot of fun, if done responsibly, of course. Over the years it became so popular that it easily found its way to the mobile games niche. You can decide, whether you want to bet with the real cash or virtual money. If you are new to that, it’s best to test yourself on a free-risk field for no real funds before you try your hand at real money bets. In either way, it can bring a lot of real excitement.

In oppose to other mobile games, gambling and betting apps have strict rules that may cause some troubles to those unacquainted. If you are new to gambling and betting and want to learn more about the rules, there are various Internet pages, such as top betting websites that can explain them to you in detail.

When taking a bet in a sports betting app, you are free to choose from a wide range of sports events, including football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, boxing as well as esports, such as League of Legends, Dota, and Counter-Strike. In order to increase your chances of winning, especially at the beginning of your adventure with betting apps, it’s good to stick with one kind of sport instead of getting swept by many of its branches. If you take it easy, you will become more familiar with its trends, you will learn who is good and who is poor,and ultimately, you will work out the best way to take advantage.

Role-playing Games

In a typical role-playing game, you can step into the shoes of your avatar and depart on a perilous journey seeking death or glory. RPGs focus on developing your hero from the very beginning and make you experience the progress of your levelling process.

These are usually the games which feature dialogue-heavy, immersive storylines, multidimensional characters and distant worlds that only wait for you to be explored. In RPGs, you can easily further your progress by improving your skills and equipment.

The most popular settings of role-playing games are mixtures of fantasy and medieval schemes as well as futuristic and highly dystopian worlds known to the cyberpunk genre. In these addictive games, you can play whoever you want to be and weave your own fate accordingly to your own will.

The Choice Is Yours

It’s just a small portion of the whole variety of mobile games you can pick from. However, it may give you some insight especially if you are new to gaming as a whole. Most of the mobile game apps are free to play, so you shouldn’t have problems with testing some of them and choosing the best and the most appealing option. Whichever game you will pick, however, its main purpose should always remain the same – to bring you a lot of fun and entertainment after a long day of work.

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