Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a famous story of a person, named Robert Kiyosaki. He narrated his two fathers in the book. One is, his biological father and the other one is, his best childhood friend. Both fathers taught Robert, how to become a successful person with different approaches. In this book, Robert is comparing the lessons of both fathers. He is comparing different lessons, financial approaches, ideas, and other important things.

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Six major lessons in the book:

Although there are many lessons in this book. But the top six lessons are described here for the readers. If you are willing to make more money with the help of investments, then this book is worth reading for you.  

  1.    The rich people don’t focus to earn money directly
  2.    The role of taxes and corporations
  3.    Minding your personal business
  4.    The important facts of financial literacy
  5.    The rich people always invent money
  6.    Focus on learning new things, not focus on money.

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Key lessons and summary points:

There are numerous key points that you can learn from this sensational rich dad and poor dad summary book. Some of the basic and key fundamentals are mentioned here in this area for the readers. Have a look at them and get some amazing ideas for your business.

  • For most of the people in the world, their profession is based on their income. Same is the case with rich people, their main assets are their earned income.
  • If you are willing to buy some important or needy things, then you must generate targeted cash flow from your assets. You must buy luxuries at the last, not at the first.
  • If there is excess cash flow, then you must invest these cash flows in some other work to generate more money.
  • You must aim for the more assets, not for the more income. This is one of the basic rules to become rich in less days.
  • Apart from the luxuries, you must reduce your expenses to achieve something bigger in your life. This is also a good point if you want to become rich.
  • You must create a corporation for the protection of your products and assets. It will be helpful for reducing your tax expenses.
  • Don’t go straight for buying the investments. The first thing is to invest your time in learning about investments. It will help you in many ways.
  • Work in the organization for the earning purpose. Don’t try to focus on the income, just focus on your work to learn something bigger and worthy.
  • If your atmosphere is surrounded by the good people, then you will learn many good points. This is a golden principle to achieve something bigger.
  • Saying that, “I can’t afford this thing” is a dumbest thought. You must think, “How can I afford this thing?” It will change your life’s perspective. You will be able to achieve many things in your life with the help of this rule.
  • Try to absorb new and entertaining ideas in your mind rather than just going with the flow. It will open new ways to increase the profit margin of your products.
  • The perspective of your earning must be clear at the beginning. Don’t go in the business with a vague idea. First, make clear and impactful tactics of your business. Create a powerful business plan. `