Ebikes are the future and today, the world is moving towards this technology. And this is why here, we all are looking towards the Modmo Saigon urban e-bike to analyze its functionality, design and a lot more.   

Modmo, a new Irish startup in the field of bike technology promises to deliver some astounding zero-emission personal transport vehicles for dynamic movements. 

Their first product – the Bekan bike light has been really impressive and backs up the company’s claim to integrate out of the box thinking with the right type of technology. And now they are back with their first e-bike–Saigon. 

This article will take you through the journey of the Modmo Saigon, the all-new e-bike where we evaluate the whole ball of wax to see how it delivers what it promises. 

Modmo Saigon Features & Specification

Let’s quickly take a look at the incredible features of the bike here – 

Range  Up to 200 km of pedal assistance
Motor  U.S –  500 W with 5 power levels, speed limited to 20 mph on public roads

E.U –  350 W with 5 power levels, speed limited to 25 mph on public roads

Brakes  Tektro M280 hydraulic disk brakes  
Battery  17.5Ah Panasonic lithium-ion battery. Removable for charging.
Tires WTB Horizon 40C tyres
Frame 6061 Aluminium with T6 heat treating and ISO testing
Forks  Custom Modmo 6061 Aluminium with T6 heat treating. 
Charging  Dual charging options. Charge directly through the front modular mount or remove the battery and charge through the dock
Motion Sensors  Saigon automatically sleeps when not in use and wakes up when moved.
Handlebar Intelligent handlebar with integrated lighting. 3″ screen with 60Hz refresh rate, water-resistance and, Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.
BMS Modmo proprietary smart battery management system.
Colour  Black
Weight 14.9 kg 
Connectivity GPS, Bluetooth with iOS/Android app 
Warranty 5 years on frame and 1 year on components



On the first sight, Modmo Saigon doesn’t appear like a regular ebike as it is designed in a peculiar manner. But, who says we can’t experiment right? 

The peculiar design is snappy to some extent and can be a reason as to why people might look at this new cub in the market. 

Motor & Battery & Wheels

Saigon offers a ride till 200 kms in a single charge, which might sound ecstatic but the 36-volt 250-watt motor and the maximum speed level of EU at 25 km/h can make it possible to achieve. 

The removable battery not only delivers the optimal result but the best thing is that it doesn’t appear like a battery in itself, and makes the job all the more easier by fitting inside the cylindrical down tube. The crank and rear hub appears to be a bit nicely polished for an ebike.

It may account for the reason that the hub motor operates above the front wheel while the crank requires just the torque and cadence sensor to work fine. You can have gears if you want, by adding an internal geared hub at the rear.   

Wheels are slightly off-road but that’s alright given the fact that it will assist in the rough riding areas. There’s no suspension so again, the thicker tires will be the saviors.  


Bike’s weight, which is around 14 kg which makes it pretty easy to carry it anywhere, it doesn’t bother you much there. 

The bike has a short front fender having front and rear lighting integration with electro-luminescent painted parts. The black color of the bike goes just fine with the design.

The front and rare frame comes with mount points to facilitate you to store some accessories of yours. Not only that, if you don’t want to remove the battery, you can utilize the front mount point for charging.   

Connectivity & Technology 

One thing where Saigon won the hearts is software connectivity. All the applications that can be connected to it work as smooth as butter. GPS for example, Saigon is remarkable in running GPS for location and security smoothly using its own 4G connectivity.

Bluetooth lets you make your cycling session bit more interesting and connects your smartphone while there’s a little 3-inch screen given on the handlebar unit. So all in all, when it comes to connectivity, Saigon earns respect!

The motion sensors are a thing of beauty. It gets activated when you move the bike and goes off when you put your bike somewhere. This intelligent addition is what makes Saigon unique and exclusive. 

All in All 

The Modmo Saigon is a well-drafted and sorted out e-bike model with a satisfactory combination of what one needs in an e-bike. You can give it a shot. The price can be somewhat above the expected bar but it stands strong with its utilities to give you a product worth the price. However, since the market is ever-growing, you can expect sharp hikes in recent times which makes this price a handy deal to have. 

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