Mobile gaming has established itself at the peak of global gaming market, with reports indicating that spending on mobile gaming now stands at 5 times higher than spending on PC gaming. Judging from the huge profits made by mobile tech giants in the recent past, it is easy to see that gaming on mobile is steadily on the rise. It is also safe to say that the future of gaming is mobile, and that what we are witnessing currently is an indication of what will be for many years to come. But what are the mobile gaming trends that could be stirring the revolution?

Most Casino gamers are adopting mobile

Casino gaming happens to be one of the fastest growing mobile game genres. It is estimated that more than 91 percent of social casino games use smartphones, with the number of players using PCs getting extinct by the day.

Research reveals that one notable difference between mobile casinos and PC casinos is that the former offers more in terms of flexibility and convenience. After the advent of swift online casinos, players can log in and play their favorite games any time they want to, from wherever they are. Developers have been leveraging on the popularity of mobile gaming by creating mobile-friendly game attributes to appeal to a larger audience.

New innovative mobile technologies

Constant technological advancements have played a significant role in the growth of mobile gaming, and continue to place the platform right at the center of the lucrative industry.

With regard to new innovations, casino games have benefited immensely. From playing poker with live dealers to Virtual Reality gaming lounges and slot machine games, there is plenty to look out for. These new developments offer variety and versatility to the modern gamer who is looking for the life-like gaming experience.

Unlike in the past, mobile casinos are appealing to people who had no prior interest in gaming. Easy-to-use gaming apps are downloadable for free, and the beauty of getting occupied with an entertaining activity is what most people won’t turn down. Since 2017, when Google started admitting gambling in its Play Store, mobile casino gaming has provided the masses with the ultimate pastime activities.

More women engaged in gaming

There was a time when gaming was considered strictly a reserve for men. It still is in some regions, but the narrative keeps changing every day. People no longer have to visit the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos in town for the experience, as they have been empowered through their pocket mobile devices.

Women have no reason not to enjoy gaming just like their male counterparts, but while the percentage of men in the gaming sector is far higher than that of women, the female gender prefer the home-based mobile gaming experience. Rarely will you find women engaged in PC gaming, but trust them to play on mobile even more frequently than men.

There are other factors contributing to the rise of mobile gaming, including the fact that the number of people who own a mobile phone keeps increasing rapidly. Adaptability and access to mobile phones in third world economies might not have been as smooth as in other economies, but things have since changed, thanks to the manufacture and distribution of cheaper alternatives for previously alienated regions.

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