The world is getting smarter, and we all want to cope with that. All sorts of instruments like mobiles, air conditioners, cars, and refrigerators are becoming smart with the latest technology innovation in them. Similarly, the world of watches is not lagging behind. Now watches are not just used to show the time but can serve multiple purposes which one could not have imagined a few years back.

Smart watches are ruling the markets with their extraordinary innovation and technologies. The tasks they perform are all in one from showing the time to tracking the heartbeat, accepting calls, giving the view of calories burned and much more. They perform all sorts of functions enshrining the features of almost all the devices that one can use daily.

Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch

If one is looking for a smart watch, there are factors that need to be analyzed. The Misfit Phase Hybrid is one of those watches that are capable of carrying out all the tasks of a smart watch with fluent accuracy and impeccability. It is surely among the best watches with greater credibility and better affordability. This budget friendly smartwatch is packed with some of most astonishing features as follow:

Misfit Phase Hybrid Smart Watch Review

This watch is a perfect example of lucidity and impeccability in the technology. It has a 3-axis accelerometer which can automatically track your activity and sleep quantity along with the duration. You need not enable the feature or stop it, it automatically feeds the record for you to view it the next morning or whoever you want.

Attractive Design & Build Quality

Talking about the design of the watch is very simple and elegant, which makes more attractive. Despite it doesn’t support the different watch faces but still, the basic watch Dail is great to look. The visible material shade with different color options is available that can make any person jealous with the user. The most used and bought colors the black one which gives a delicate elegance to the watch making it attractive for all sorts of people. Other colors are also available including black, white, cream, brown, green, yellow and others. It’s packed with powerfully smart features that showcase strength and style, and it delivers the information you need for today’s connected life.

MISFIT PHASE Hybrid Smartwatch

Misfit is a Hybrid smartwatch it means it only has one dial where all the features are performed. To control the activity it has two push buttons on the right side of the Dial. To push them you can control all the activity and see the time. You can also customize them to your requirements.


The watch has the feature to activity tracking and gives you instant feedback on your daily fitness goals. It can track the Steps, your sleep, how many calories you have burned in one day. You just simply toggle to activity mode, and the watch’s hands move to show your progress. The Misfit Phase wirelessly delivers detailed activity data to your smartphone. So you can get a better look at that.


MISFIT PHASE Hybrid Smartwatch

The Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch delivers important alerts straight to your wrist. To get your all the important notification like call, text, email, or app on your wrist, you need to connect it with MISFIT APP. Once it is connected with the app, the device syncs with your phone and gives you a color-coded vibration alert when you get a call, text, email, or app notification and acts as a smart button to control lights, music, and other connected devices.


MISFIT PHASE Hybrid Smartwatch

The Misfit Phase has the Smart-buttons also, which can program to make call your phone, take a selfie, play and pause music, control smart home devices and more. First, you need to configure them and then they will able to perform the desired feature. With the help of Misfit App, you can seamlessly configure the button. It will perform the different function on One Press and Double Press as well.


MISFIT PHASE Hybrid Smartwatch

Among other spectacular features of this smart watch, one of it is the waterproof feature which makes this watch a showerproof and swims proof material up to 50 meters. The user can free him from the worries little splashes of water that may harm the device otherwise. The watch can also track that how many Laps and meter, calories you have burned during swimming.


The Misfit PHASE carries a fast 4.1 reliable Bluetooth. This Bluetooth enables this smart watch to transfer data in a wireless manner with much more reliability and enhanced speed. When you sync, it automatically syncs all your data and time into the device with utmost accuracy.

One of the best things about this watch is its battery. There is no charging required as it is a replaceable CR2430 coin cell batter which may last up to 6 months. It is probably the best feature which enables the user to be worry free for the battery and charging. It has a 41mm case crafted from cutting-edge materials which include satin material and stainless steel.


When the marvelous looking black MISFIT PHASE appears in front of you, you cannot hold but look at it. It is not just gentle but very constant for its services. It is not any ordinary smart watch but the one packed with features and a very affordable price. This is indeed a decent looking smart watch with very interesting feature outlet and internal experience. it is one of the most feasible options for the smart phone lovers. The watch is also available on the Amazon as well on company official website. You can purchase it from anywhere.

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