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Microwear X2 Review: A Smartband For The Young Generation

Microwear hardly launched the smartwatch in the market, and we already have it in our hands for having its insight. The company presents the audiences with three models named H1, H2, and L1 before getting too late. Although it did not launch many watches all this while, whatever has been unleashed is quite worthy.

Microwear X2 review

The H1, H2 is the Android Smartwatch and L1 is sports watch. Both the products are available in the market. So now the company have introduced their first smart-band named as X2. This is not like other smart bands where you get the small display and limited functionality. The Microwear X2 have a rounded display along with the Blood Pressure and Heart Rate sensor. There are a lot of features which you might want to know. So, let’s take a deep look how it is different from others…

Microwear X2 Review: Quick Specification

CPUNorway Nordic NRF51822
Screen0.96inch, OLED screen
WaterproofIP68 waterproof
FunctionsIncoming calls, Messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook, news and so on. Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Dynamic Heartrate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary, Multi-sport mode.
LanguagesChinese, English, Russia, etc
Watch Size47*45*14*256 mm
PackageIncluding1 x Smart Watch
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual


Microwear X2: Attractive Design

The overall thickness of the smart-band is 14mm along with a whopping height of 47mm. the watch looks gigantic but quite soothing at the same time. The watch would definitely edify the wrist of the wearer. It is the best for the ones who prefer having a high-end watch like this. Microwear x2 is not less than a mini computer studded over your wrist. It works well to tackle the incoming calls, instant texts, and social media instigations. It’s more than just hand accessory.

The technology is evolving, models have turning larger instead of being slim and chunky. The emerging operating systems and latest integrations definitely need larger machinery to make the gadgets work better.

Microwear X2 review

Microwear x2 is capacitated to perform all the advanced functions. It doesn’t need any extra gadget to work well. The built in sensors include accelerometers, barometers and heart rate monitors. The smart band is worthy enough to track your health.

The watch is available in green, blue, yellow, and red color. Each color looks best on the wearer no matter what. The straps of the watch are versatile. The straps have a long durability that allows you to use the Microwear smart-band as much as you want.

Microwear X2: Screen Size

Microwear smart-band has 0.96 OLED screens. The over all resolution is 240×240 sharp that fetches bright lightening along with sharp imageries. You don’t have tossed up the brightness at maximum to use the watch. The 25ppi suggests that this watch surpasses the rest available out there in the market. You need to take a little extra care of the screen as finger prints get quickly visible over it.

Microwear X2: Features

The Microwear X2 powered with a lot of features like Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure measurement, Multi-sport mode: Running, Swimming, Riding, Playing badminton. To manage them the band have the button on the side bezel. You just tap it and it will change the modes.

Microwear X2 review

During the training sessions, Microwear X2 showed remarkable efficiency in tracking the heart rate. The chest rate pulse sensor ensures the best workability of health functions. It’s indeed the best fitness tracker I have personally used!

On the other hand, the band works as your smartwatch also, the notification synchronization will let you know all your Message, Whatsapp, Facebook, news and so on. There is no way to respond that notification.

Microwear X2: Battery

The 180 days long standby time of the watch offers good performance and fetches countless functions that are needed. TheMicrowear x2 has 480 mAh battery with enormous owner backup. The watch has many more functions that expected. It can remotely captivate pics and share them through the 4.0 built in Bluetooth.

Microwear X2: Price

Microwear x2 has distinct apps and features. It runs out all the smart watches that belong to this range. It is priced at just $30 on Gearbest. The sports design makes this one a much better choice than its competitors. It is comfortable to wear and non-bulky. The overall bolt is also impressive and worth flaunting.