When it comes to streaming, fire TV stick is by far the clear choice of masses to get the most out of entertainment. But has it retained its position? Because with the entry of Mi Box 4K, the competition between the two looks tough and this is exactly what we will be analyzing here. Here, Mi Box 4K vs Fire TV stick, we’ll analyze which one is the best for you? 

Xiaomi has always experimented with its products and it was due to this legacy, that day entered the Smart TV market in 2018. Now, they are in with their first-ever streaming device, the Mi box 4k to revolutionize the TV experience. 

This device is expected to be a stiff competition to the already established Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K launched in 2018. For a number of years, the Fire TV stick has ruled the streaming device industry. 

Now, with these two amazing beasts colliding with each other, customers and the streaming lovers are in for a treat in terms of quality and features that they will offer. 

Let’s begin this adventure and see which device is fit for your needs that you should buy. 

Mi Box 4k Vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

Following is the comparison of these two devices on different frontiers like price, connectivity, and apps that will help you know exactly what you want and what you need. 

  • Design and Price


Alright, to begin the show, let’s focus on the first thing we notice. The Mix Box is of a compact square form factor that can easily rest under your TV. It is capable enough to blend with your TV setup and rest behind your set-top box or even a soundbar.

On the other hand, Fire TV Stick is the size of a dongle. It goes behind your TV, invisible to the eye, and does its job there. 

You can buy Amazon fire TV stick 4k at a price of Rs. 5,999 and the standard Fire TV  Stick costs about Rs. 3999. But the Mix Box 4k comes at a cool price of Rs. 3,499 only.

So, saving about 2500 bucks on a 4K streaming device might be a good thought at first and really it does give the MI box 4K a great advantage over its competitor. But is it worth your attention? Let’s see. 

  • Specifications

The major specifications of the two devices are as follows, have a look at them – 

Basis  Mi Box 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
Processor  Amlogic quad-core  Quad-core 1.7Ghz
Storage  8 GB  8 GB 
Resolution 4k 4K
OS Android TV 9 Pie  Fire TV OS 
Connectivity  Through a USB  Through a dongle 
Media Player  Can be used as a media player for local files  Cannot be used as a media player 
App Stores Has Google Play Store  The dedicated app store for Fire TV 
AI assistance Google Assistant  Alexa 
HDR quality  HDR10  Dolby Vision


  • Display and Audio

Both of these devices are great at this section. On the other hand, Mi Box 4K provides you with 4K display, HDR, DTS, and Dolby Audio. While on the other hand, Fire TV Stick 4K stands tall with 4K display, HDR10, HDR 10+, and Dolby Vision along with Dolby Atmos. 

Since Fire TV stick is equipped with Dolby ADR and most of the TVs (even budget TVs) in the market today support Dolby vision, Fire TV Stick 4K might be a little ahead on the curve. 

  • Connectivity and Remote

You don’t want the remote to be filled with lots of buttons, right? Luckily, both devices turn their minimalistic design ideas here. Remotes of both devices support HDMI CEC and are super easy and clear to use. However, the Mi Box 4k remote has a shortcut for Netflix and Prime. 

As for connectivity, Fire TV Stick 4K only has HDMI, which can be a nuisance for some. While Mi Box 4K has a lot to offer you here. Since it has a USB port, you can connect a hard drive, pen drive to enjoy your local files and even a 3.5 mm port to connect headphones or soundbars or speakers. 

 Also, both devices are Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can easily connect it to a pair of headphones or speakers. 

  • Apps Support

Both of these devices have sorted your streaming needs. All the top OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, and others are on board with both devices.  

Mi box 4K that runs on Android TV 9 pie gives you access to Google play store. With that being said, this device is capable of supporting over 5000 apps. 

Talking about the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which runs on the dedicated app store for fire TV doesn’t offer you a huge catalog like Mi Box, but it does give you a clear road to the Apple TV support which you miss in the Android one. 


From the above analysis, it is easy to know that these two giants are the best at what they offer. Also, they target different audiences which makes the conclusion a bit tough as they are the best options for their respective audience segments.  

The Fire Stick offers a great visual and audio quality with Dolby Vision but Mi Box has a slight upper hand in connectivity since you can easily connect hard drives and pen drives letting you enjoy your own collection of files. In the app quotient, Mi Box is slightly ahead of the Fire TV Stick. 

But the major part of your decision will rely on the price factor and your objectives. 

Since Mix box 4k offers a large app library, lets you connect your local file sources, and comes in at Rs. 3,499, it is a clear choice to go with. Mi Box is priced at slightly more than half of Fire TV Stick 4K which is a good consideration. Not to forget that it has an excellent quality to show you which makes Mi Box is a great value for money. If you are willing to turn your current TV to an ultimate smart 4K TV experience, you can go with Mi Box 4K.

But if you don’t mind paying more money, and get to a higher viewing experience, go for Fire TV Stick 4K. This device is equipped with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Apple TV+ which will help you upgrade to an Atmos home theatre or a smart TV with Dolby vision.