People who love the adventures loves the Action Camera to record the amazing moment and beautiful images of that. Over the day by day action cameras are getting better and more versatile. A lot of companies are introducing the action camera into the market with some extra features and offering some extra gears. In the Series of that MGCOOL, which is one of the best smartphone gadget companies has also launched the all-new action camera.

MGCOOL Explorer

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K Sports Camera is an outrageous release that is literally jaw-dropping the viewers. The camera comes with the shark eye lens that is capacitated to captivate 4K videos at 30FPS. The camera is worthwhile when you buy it after comparing with other similar models available in the market. So, let’s get to know more about the MGCOOL Explorer what make it different from other and why to buy this:

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MGCOOL Explorer Pro Review: 4K Sports Action Camera

Build Quality

Talking about the build quality of the MGCOOL Explorer comes with the heavy plastic coated and Criss-cross design so it is easy to hold in Hands don’t get slipped away. The 2.0inch
TFT will let you control all the content of the camera. You can see all the images and videos you captured on the display. The screen has the resolution of 320×240.

Camera specs

MGCOOL Explorer

The camera has allwinner V3 SOC processor that comes from sony. The processor supports the 4K Recording on the 30 fps and 1080 HD recording at 60 fps. The 170-degree angular lens of MGCOOL would let you grab stunning videos and amazing pictures. unlike another action camera, MGCOOL doesn’t have the ordinary lens to capture the images and video. The 6G Sharkeye wide-angle HD lens is another outraging highlight of this action camera. Moreover, it is far ahead from the ordinary camera when it comes to the light transmitted and color revivification.

Memory & Battery

like other action cameras, there is no internal storage but there is a dedicated TF card slot to extend memory up to 64 GB with a memory card. Rember that to record the 4K video you have to use the Class 10 memory card. Otherwise, it won’t be able to record the video.

MGCOOL Explorer

If you closely look into the specifications of the camera, you would find that MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K has RF antenna that gives integrated Wi-Fi mode. The data transmission and connectivity of the camera is stable and impressive. Hence, if you have this camera, you don’t have to bother about the connectivity loss or any such issue. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for android and Play Store for Apple Devices. You can connect the camera to Wi-Fi and record and watch live all the thrills in the app.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro review

The 1050 mAh battery lets you grab 15M imageries shot at 30 fps. The battery takes around 2.5 H to full charge and it can run 100 minutes at 4K recording and the Standby time is 2h. Overall, it has a very nice battery backup.

The MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K 30fps Sports Camera boasts the gyroscopic sensor that supports H.265 recording format. The data storage does not need any quality alteration. The look of the camera is quite unique and attractive. The touch display further adds a charm to the camera quality.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro review

The camera also Support time-lapse and slow-motion shooting function. which is another attractive feature of the camera. Along with that, it is also equipped with the IMX179 image sensor, perform well on low-light condition, frame speed, and power consumption. This is one of the most effective and intelligent sensors for the action camera.

To sum up, the features and specifications of MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K 30fps Sports Camera include:

  • All winner v3 CHIP by sony
  • 4k / 30 fps video shooting mode
  • Waterproof IP68 casing
  • Int6egrated MGCOOL app Slow,-motion shooting function
  • IMX179 shooting and image sensor Low light shooting support Lower power consumption
  • 6G shark eye for distortion correction
  • 170-degree ultra-wide angle Conclusion


All in all, if you are thinking of owning something that is going to give a full utilization of your resources then MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K 30fps Sports Camera is the best gadget you can own. It is flooded with features that would give you a superior feeling of owning a digital camera.

MGCOOL Explorer is also equipped with the antioxidant interface that is durable and antitrust at the same time. Besides, the heat insulation feature automatically blocks heat generated through the internal circuit. The camera has PCB mounted tin for effortless video shooting experience.

Price and availability

The manufacturers of the MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K 30fps Sports Camera have tied up with leading e-commerce giants such as banggood, and Gearbest to have enhanced marketing strategies. The global sale on gadgets at these websites would also showcase this particular camera model. The camera is available at a lucrative price range of $31.99 until 31st may 2017. The camera price would enhance later on so we would advise you to own the gadget ASAP.