Launching a smartphone in a tech flooded market is quite difficult. The moment you launch something new, there are already competitors to beat your sales. However, this time MEIIGOO has launched ravishing gadget that is certainly going to Garner success. Popular amongst MEIIGOO users, the MEIIGOO S9 smartphone is a gadget that has already received so many pre-bookings at Coolicool.meiigoo s9 review

The smartphone became an attraction amongst the cost-conscious buyers. The price tag it carries has been further slashed by the seller. While we are beginning to describe the gadget, we would like to tell you that MEIIGOO S9 has got everything for tight budgeted individuals. It does not compromise with the specifications from any angle. The Chinese Technology market would help you to get the best smartphones at an expenditure of a penny.meiigoo s9 reviewYou can purchase MEIIGOO S9 smartphone from CooliCool at a price of $139.99 instead of $169.99. The beautiful specifications and features are simply irresistible. You would love to watch videos and play games on the 6.18-inch screen having FHD display. The full HD resolution comprises of 2246 X 1080 megapixel. The Meiigoo S9 comes with the Notch design which is also very trendy features.

And when we talk about the internal configuration, MEIIGOO S9 would immediately bring a smile to your face. The MTK6750T 1.5GHz Octa Core processor clubbed with 4GB RAM is enough to keep the average users happy. You can insert an extra memory card for consolidating the internal space of the gadget. The 32GB of internal storage is can be expanded with the help of an external memory card.meiigoo s9 reviewYou get a very fascinating 13 megapixel + 13 megapixel of rear camera that shoots a clear picture that needs a bit of Editing to make them look better. The camera of any Chinese smartphone maker is not that good. So, like other, it has an average camera but takes decent photos. The daylight would make your pictures better undoubtedly. However, in case there is the absence of light, you can use the flash and camera apps from Google Play Store to meet out the quality picture clicking standards.meiigoo s9 reviewThe 5MP of the front camera takes the clear selfie as you want. The Notch has the Face sensor to unlock the smartphone with your face. The sensor does not work well at the low light so you have to manage with Pin or Any other alternative.meiigoo s9 reviewThe 5000 mAh battery power again gives a breakthrough to the gadget. You don’t have to charge the device more than once in a day. Also, if you do not have a habit of scrolling the internet time and again, you can extend the battery backup for up to 2 days.

The phone is based on 8.1 Android operating system altogether. It does not extract much power from the Lithium polymer battery for giving it more functionality. The proximity sensors, GPS, compass, accelerometer, and other features might drain your battery power a bit. However, you can choose battery saving applications to keep things subtle.meiigoo s9 reviewThe dual sim support allows you to club two sim cards in a single phone. Particularly if you are required to travel, having a dual sim card support with 4G support is a necessity.

Now the most important thing is price and availability. The CooliCool is offering a great discount and offering the price of $139. The actual price of the device is $169 but is te first pre-sale that why CooliCool offering the $30 discount.