The smartphone has become an essential part of everyone’s life. They have become so much affordable, that people do change it every year to feel the latest trend.
Many Chinese companies have started offering their best performance Smartphone at the lowest possible price. UMI, DOOGEE, XIAOMI or Cubot are some of such names however, the list does not stop here, this time we come up with a new smartphone company ‘MAZE’ which is known for its marvellous piece of design in its devices.

Maze Blade 4G Phablet
Maze Blade 4G Phablet Review

Maze system has launched Maze Alpha and the Maze Blade smartphones in the year 2017.
In our last article, we have discussed the bezel-less Smartphone Maze Alpha in detail, this time we are ready with the review of Maze Blade. Is it the same like other Chinese Smartphone or it has something special besides its eye-catching design? Let’s find out!

Design & Display

As we already told that the design is the main selling point of all Maze Smartphones. Maze Blade is thin, rectangular Smartphone, which is quite uncommon nowadays. We found that the design of this Smartphone is quite similar to the SONY Experia modals.

Back of Maze Blade
Elegant Design of Maze Blade
The back of Maze Blade is very much shiny, it gives a mirror like effect. Really it looks like a premium Smartphone with such glossier shine!
The thickness of the Maze Blade is 0.31 mm which is similar to iPhone 5S.The phone is available in three colour variant, the glossy black, silver and the golden. My personal favourite is the black. Holding the black Maze Blade really gives a nice feeling!

Screen & Display

Maze Blade has a bright 5.5-inch screen with full HD Display. As the phone has a large screen, so it can be categorised as a phablet phone. 5.5-inch phablets are becoming so popular in now-e days because such device provides a better view and give the least strain to the eyes. The only cons with such large screen phones are ‘the single handed operation’.
As the company claimed the picture quality of this phone is sharper than ever. Whatever you looking at this device, it looks so authentic. Its IPS Display deliver an unforgettable visual experience with true to natural colours.

Hardware and Software

Maze Blade has the Octa Core processor with MTK6753 Chipset, which ensures the brilliant performance of the device.

This Smartphone has massive 3GB RAM, which is generally not found in the budget Smartphone. The phone has 32 GB ROM with the external storage of up to 64 GB (By TF card), So storage is not an issue with this Smartphone.

Maze Blade runs on Android 6.0 Operating system, It can be a drawback for those people who are seeking the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. In my opinion, it is not a big issue at all for such classy budget Smartphone.

Camera Quality

Camera review

When buying any phone, what we see first apart from the design is the camera quality. Maze blade has 13 MP Rear cameras with flash light and auto focus feature. The picture taken by this phone is of crystal clear quality. You will find minimum noise in the photographs captured by this phone.
For selfie lover, Blade has 8.0 MP Camera. Blade system also provides the beauty face mode which makes you look radiant in every image of yours!

Battery Life

Battery life is always an issue for a large screen phablet phones. The large screen consumes more energy compared to other medium screen size phones. The company Maze has ensured this area by providing the large 3000 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery. This much battery life is quite sufficient, it ensures the full day backup easily even in heavy use!

Other noticeable features

  • Brilliant touch id

    Its 360-degree intelligent touch id unlock the blade with one touch in just 0.1 seconds!

  • Gesture Mode

    Gesture Mode in Maze Blade
    Gesture Mode in Maze Blade

    This feature generally found in the premium smartphones. Here we can use our gesture to operate the phone withing a second. We can set whatever gesture we like in the setting of the phone. For example, we can draw ‘C’ on the locked screen to open the camera.

  • Guest Mode

    Like the PC, This phone also has a guest mode. With this mode, you can personalise different home screen for a guest, So by choosing this phone, you need not share your password again to anyone. Isn’t that awesome?

  • OTG Support

Maze Blade 4g Phablet also support OTG Cables for faster data transfer.

maze blade in three colors

Why Buy?
In my opinion, the best thing about this Smartphone is its unique look, It is quite catchy and one of the main selling point of this Smartphone. Maze Blade has not only the brilliant camera but also the decent battery life. This budget 4G Smartphone also has the premium features like gesture mode, Guest mode etc. So finally I can say If you are bored with the same rounded edge design, then you must try this phone once.