With the pace at that the digital world is moving these days, one must be aware of the new market trends and how to promote them. As a poker player should know how to play Poker, similarly this goes for digital marketing as well. If you are a newbie to the virtual world, then you can surely look for a career option in digital marketing. With the growing internet, this virtual reality heads us everywhere. Everyone is getting into the virtual reality race. With this article, we are going to let you understand how virtual reality is going to affect online marketing. We have heard about the four P’s of marketing as Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. But, if you look at today’s world, is this relevant? Let us understand that with the concept of digital marketing.

The entire paradigm of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. There is a new 7 C’s which has emerged. These 7 C’s are:

  • Context
  • Content
  • Customize
  • Compare
  • Convenience
  • Connect
  • Culture

Before we talk about the top two, the Product has given the way to customize. No longer the customer expects you to buy the same product that you are offering. The customers provide you an opportunity to customize the product that you are offering. For Example, Nike allows you to customize the shoes. Price has given the way to compare which is a great advancement to know the transparent prices. This is the biggest evolution ever seen which allows the customer to take the call concerning the price. Now to talk about the Place, during these times, due to pandemic this attribute has somewhat lost its space as the world went all virtual. With the advent of E-commerce, the place has switched from physical to digital.

This is also convenient to the customers and hence, enterprises are looking forward to providing convenience to their customers. The promotions have given us a way to connect that no longer we are talking about just advertising to people at large. But, the enterprises are looking at forming communities and connecting with people whether it is on social media, whether it is through content or their community-building exercises. So, it has been noticed the evolution of four Ps into the 7 C’s.

There are three more C’s which we are going to talk about are Context, Content, and Culture. With so much data being available with enterprises, enterprises need to understand the context in which the customers have to be served. And also the content which will allow them to serve that context. Lastly, talking about culture, digital marketing as we say now is no longer the dream of only one theme in the organization but largely is to do with the culture of the organization. Be it a sales team, operations team, the IT department, or the services team are embarking on embracing this culture of digital transformation. To summarise, we can conclude that there has been a constant shift from four P to seven C.

Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence have tremendously provided an opportunity to create experiences. Taking a deep dive into virtual reality and knowing what it is all about knowing the future. Virtual reality is the next platform to experience in a few ways:

  • Immersive 3D experiences are exponentially better than video.
  • Realistic models engender an emotional connection – You feel as if you are living the experience.
  • Incredible visualization can convey complex ideas – like saving for retirement.
  • Potential to replace brick and mortar – significant cost reduction.

Before you move into the world of virtual reality, let’s look at how the industry is looking at the virtual reality of minute reality. Virtual reality is largely supported by the gaming industry but other sectors are also growing rapidly. But the best of virtual reality coming in is seen majorly in the gaming and entertainment sector such as online games such as playing Poker cards.

For example, dedicated virtual reality divisions were created by major tech companies Google and Apple. The significance is uncertain but the prize is large. Virtual reality has three distinct use cases:

  • Create an imaginary world.
  • Model the real world.

To conclude, it can be said that digital marketing in itself is a way to promote your business through various channels such as the internet, websites, emails and social media, etc. This is also known as search marketing so that you can just search your desired product on google or any other search engine. You will see many websites offering your desired product depending on the price and quality of the product to prefer. Then there is also email marketing, where people will send you a lot of promotional emails related to a particular product and you can navigate the desired product from there.

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