What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Your swimming pool is an excellent investment. It provides everyone with hours of relaxation, entertainment, and fun, especially during summertime. Likewise, it adds to both the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

But as much as you love your pool, it’s upkeep is nothing short but irksome. However, if your pool is not crystal clear and well kept, it’ll be hard for anyone to enjoy it.

So if you want your pool cleaning life more manageable, consider getting a robotic pool cleaner. These durable pool cleaners will take care of all the hard job for you so that you’ll have more time on your hands to just relax and bask in the sun.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the key benefits of owning a robot pool cleaner.

Very Easy To Maintain

These intelligent cleaners not only enable you to have the freedom from your pool responsibilities, but they’re also hassle-free to maintain.

Robot pool cleaners have their own filtration inside their bodies. They can trap filth in their self-contained filter bags without requiring the help of your pool’s main filtration system.

As a result, you’ll see yourself doing less backwashing, which can eat up both your energy and time. You only need to remove your unit’s canister filter, empty the bag, and ensure it’s clean before putting it back to the compartment.

Energy Efficient

One of the misconceptions about robot cleaners is that it requires a high amount of energy to run more efficiently.

But on the contrary, these devices actually reduce energy consumption and are 65% more efficient to run than the next best option. In fact, the energy consumption of a robot running on about 60 to 70 watts per hour is pretty much the same as what your regular light bulb consumes.

Saves Water

Regardless of what type of pool you have, it has its own circulation pump or filter system. These systems involve numerous pipes that bend around your swimming pool and its end connects to the filter and pumping engine. All dirt particles that get sucked into these tubes will end up in the filters. They’ll stay there until you perform backwashing.

Backwashing is a process wherein you flush the water back into the filter. Doing this will remove all those confined dirt. So when your filtration system is always clogging up, you need to backwash it often. However, doing this process time and again wastes a massive amount of water.

A robotic pool cleaner remedies this problem by getting rid of dirt from your circulation pump. Thereby, it helps prevent the clogging of your pool’s main filter, resulting in the need to backwash frequently. In turn, less water is wasted.

A Cost-Effective Solution

By now, you pretty much have an idea of how these devices can help save your budget. As a homeowner, you know that a product’s high energy consumption can take a toll on your monthly bills. Robot cleaners are energy efficient, which makes them cost-effective as well.

But you may be wondering how can this be if the cost of owning one can set your budget back a bit? Well, these robots are a one-time investment. This is especially true if you’re running a pool business.

Your initial investment will pay off in the long run since you don’t have to hire a professional to take care of your filthy pool. Hiring the service pool cleaner costs about $150. So imagine if you have to hire the service of a pool cleaner every month for a year. That’s a whopping $1,800 in comparison to your one-time purchase of say $400 for a robot.

Ensures Pool Chemicals Are At A Safe Level

The most common chemical for disinfecting pools and preventing bacteria and algae buildup is chlorine. It kills bacteria through a relatively simple chemical reaction. However, higher concentrations of chlorine may potentially cause sickness, including coughing, asthma attacks, rashes, eye irritation, and throat or nose pain.

Keep in mind that pool disinfectants contain a potent concentration of chlorine, which is around 10-90% strong. To give you an idea of how strong it is, the chlorine concentration of regular household bleach is only 5%.

The brushing technology of robot pool cleaners is highly advanced and can scrub all the edges and sides of your backyard pool. It will eliminate all the pollutants on its path, which means your pool won’t need high levels of chemicals to ensure the cleanliness and safety of its water.

Uses Advanced Cleaning Technology

In terms of cleaning skills and techniques, robotic cleaners are superior and exceptional in comparison to other pool cleaners out there.

First, these compact machines can cruise along your pool bed and climb pool walls. They’ll suck out any pollutants stuck on surfaces, from dust granules to repulsive algae and bacteria. Likewise, they can take on leaves and other large particles

Robot pool cleaners. like the Dolphin Nautilus line, take advantage of smart and systematic cleaning. This will ensure your pool is free from any pollutants all the time. Read this article about Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus reviewed by Luke Reed to learn more.

Plug And Play Functionality

As simple as this feature maybe, but it’s one of the most desirable features of these gadgets for pool owners. Unlike other automatic pool cleaners, your robot will not require any complex assembly.

You only need to follow some simple installation process. Also, you just have to tweak its settings a bit so that your unit can apply the most suitable cleaning intensity for your pool.

Other than these, you simply have to press its power button, place it in the water, and it’s ready to perform its duty.


Being friendly to the environment is what sets the robotic pool cleaner from other pool cleaning methods today. They are designed with safe materials, allowing them to go underwater and clean your pool without worrying about any chemical reactions. Hence, they don’t produce hazardous chemicals in comparison to other pool cleaners.