The latest update, macOS Sierra developer Beta 7 , and mac OS Sierra public Beta 6 have been dished out and they are every bit as technically amazing as their predecessors.

Following the worldwide hyped release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, mac OS Sierra Beta 7 and Beta 6 have been packed with new features, to keep up with the buzz already surrounding Apple.

official macOS Sierra

this macOS Sierra Beta review tell you what to expect in the most recently unveiled Mac software.

What to expect in macOS Sierra public Beta:

The first thing you’re bound to look at before installation, is definitely the features.

mac OS Sierra Beta comes vibrant new features as well as creatively updated previous ones.

  • Siri- The smart assistant who has become synonymous with the iPhone, now offers to help you on your Mac! Yes, you can now talk to your computer, and have it do your work for you with minimal effort, thanks to Siri for Mac.


  • Messaging- Who doesn’t love emojis. With detailed emoticons, animated emojis and live stickers, messaging through your Mac promises to be a fun affair with mac OS Sierra. Additional information: A feature of ‘invisible messaging’ helps keep your secrets, so that no one except the receiver can read the text unless they run their mouse over the seemingly blank message.
  • Pictures- The pictures are now integrated with a smart sensor. Don’t have the patience to organize them? No matter, macOS Sierra teaches the device to recognize places and people, and sorts them into albums with no effort on your part.
  • Common Clipboard- Having to transfer data from your phone to your Mac can be quite a task. Not anymore. With macOS Sierra Beta, connect your devices to each other, and cut, copy or paste data, images and more between the two seamlessly.
  • Apple Pay- The preferred mode of payment for any iPhone user, mac OS Sierra Beta now allows the user to embed a popup button of Apple Pay, that follows them through possible transactions and makes payments quick and secure.
  • iTunes- The popular music streaming app has been tweaked as well, with a customized playlist created for the user labelled “For You”, and regular updates of popular music from around the world.
  • iCloud Portability- Cloud storages, ensuring permanent backup of all kinds of files, are very popular in the present age and particularly useful to busy or disorganized individuals. Keeping this in mind, iCloud now enables portability of files from one device to another in an instant. So say you absolutely need to complete the current work file at home, save it under an exclusive name and put it onto your home device’s cloud. When you open it up, you’ll find your file waiting for you on the desktop.
  • Picture in Picture- This feature is specially for those of you who cannot work without an ongoing background video. You can already simultaneously play your videos though, so what’s so special in MacOS Sierra? Well, this Beta version let’s you embed the video right out from the website page and onto your screen. Say goodbye to pesky long

This isn’t all, as Apple promises impeccable new features with the updates to come in the future.

The macOS Sierra release date has been announced to be September 20th, 2016.

Take advantage of mac OS Sierra and its compatibility with 2009 and newer versions of:

  • Mac Book
  • Mac Book Air
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro
  • iMac

Available as an update on the App Store, make sure to get this gigantic prize of an update on your Mac product.

How to do that, you ask? Let’s help you out.

macOS Sierra Public Beta Download:

Apple ensures you get the best Sierra experience, whether you’re a devout Apple junkie or a new entree in the world of Apple.

  1. From the App Store: If you own a MacOS Sierra compatible product, and already have the previous version, all you have to do is update the from the App Store, and you’re good to go.
  2. Enroll through Apple Beta: If you already have a version of the earlier MacOS through Apple Beta, all that’s needed to do is go to the Apple Beta Site, sign in with your account and install MacOS Sierra on your registered device.

            If you don’t already have an account, sign up and then sign in.

Once that’s done, click on the highlighted “MacOS” tab.

Now, click on “Download macOS Sierra Public Beta”.

You are now redirected to the App store, from where your download begins. It could take a while, considering a total of about 4.8 GB needs to be downloaded.

Once downloaded, the mac OS Sierra Public Beta opens immediately, and you have the best of MacOS at your fingertips.

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