Do you want to transfer files from Android to Mac or Mac to Android? You don’t have to worry ad, we have the right solution that provides smooth file transfer from one of these OSs and more.

We all know that Mac OS doesn’t work with Android devices. If you’re an Apple phone or iPad user then you can easily transfer files with your Mac device. But if you want to share files with Android then you might have to use third-party cloud storage. The only problem is this process can be tricky and slow. You will have to first upload files to the cloud and then download files from the cloud,  it is a complete waste of time.

Most people prefer a faster and easier solution. In this scenario, McDroid can come handy as a connection to ensure Android file transfer Mac operating system.

What is MacDroid?

MacDroid is a software designed for Apple users who own Android phones and want to connect and transfer files to a MacBook or iMac computer. The program is an Android PC suite that eliminates limitations and improves communication and saves a lot of time. MacDroid comes with Android for Mac function, which includes a 7-day free Pro trial. You can download the free version of McDroid from the official website.

Features of MacDroid:

  •     It supports USB transfer:

With MacDroid you won’t need any extra cable or complex cloud solutions. You can use this method whenever or wherever you connect your Android device to your Mac computer via USB. Once the installation process is completed, open it. Now you have to open the Devices folder in its main menu and connect your Android device to Mac.

Once the device is a plugin, choose either ADB (recommended) or MTP connection mode and go through the all steps to allow your computer access to your Android data. As the connection is completed, you can easily find the device in the Finder folder and transfer data between your Android device and the Mac.

  •     It supports all Android and MTP devices.

All Android devices support MTP technology to connect to Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Fortunately, MacDroid MTP recognizes “media transfer protocol” devices, and you don’t have to worry about incompatibility. Every Android phone starting with 2.0 Eclair supports MTP, PTP, and USB mass storage connectivity. As the program supports MTP technology you don’t have to worry if you have an older device from five years ago.

  •     It can access both internal and external storage of your Android device.

The Mac will recognize internal storage and external storage. Machine administrators can separate SD cards and internal storage, including content. You don’t have to worry about the mess library because it is viewed exactly the way it should be. MacDroid followed the Android core concept and did not change Google’s approach so that there would not be much difference in the Apple environment.

  •     You can edit Android files on a Mac using Macdroid.

You can edit files on your Android device, without any other device. This can save you the great hassle of getting files from cloud storage or a similar service to edit these files.

  •     You can work with entire folders.

You can edit and save the entire folder instead of editing them one by one. It’s a great time-saver feature.

How to use MacDroid?

There is no need to install any app or software on your device. Just download and run MacDroid on your Mac and you’re ready to go. When you first launch MacDroid, it comes up with an interactive UI and a walkthrough process to set up Macdroid. Before you get started with the software, enable USB debugging mode of your Android device. You can do this from the developer menu. If the developer option is not there, then Open Settings >> About >> Software Information >> and tapping multiple times on the build number. It will enable USB Debugging. Now plug in your device with Mac and run MacDroid, interface will ask you if you want to use USB debugging, so select “Always for this computer”. Macdroid takes this step and makes the device available in Finder.

The free version of Macdroid:

The free version of Macdroid has most of the important features but sometimes it doesn’t allow both way traffic to Mac. So that’s why you can’t transfer files from Mac to your Android device. It provides automatic updates regularly and good customer support.

Pro version of Macdroid:

The pro version of MacDroid comes with a 7-days free trial. You can get the pro version at only $ 1.67 per month. With the free version, you can only transfer files from Android device to the Mac, but not from Mac to Android. Using the pro version you can transfer files from Android to Mac and Mac to Android both ways. With the pro version, you can edit files at the same place on your Android without any extra work.

Alternatives of Macdroid:

Macdroid is undoubtedly a flawless application but there are some other apps you can use as an alternative to Macdroid. Such as:

  1. SyncMate:

SyncMate is a feature-packed alternative to Macdroid. It supports multiple devices and it’s fully compatible with Big Sur. It allows Android devices to be mounted as external disks, allows you to browse your Android phone or tablet independently using the Finder. You can just drag and drop files to your Android device. It’s Simple, Easy, and Fast.

  1. Android File Transfer for Mac users by Google:

Android File Transfer Mac by Google is the only basic utility app that can only be used to transfer files. Its drawback is that it has not been updated for many years and the interface is difficult to understand. Also, you can’t transfer more than one file at a time.

So what are you waiting for, download the MacDroid software and transfer any file you want at any time?