With a variety of Power Banks available in the market, the overall capability of every equipment is more or less the same. That makes it quite confusing for the buyers to choose a perfect power bank for charging the gadgets. Particularly, using a gadget that incapacitated to charge both laptop and smartphone is a big thing.

Therefore, we would introduce Omars AC power bank and remove all your doubts with the very amazingly abled features. Your search would end immediately after learning about Omars Power Bank that has 26,800 MAH power backup. The device is definitely a big plus for all the travelers who need to carry laptops for work execution. With 29-volt external output is compatible with iPhone, Nintendo switch, laptop MacBook and other gadgets, you would not get even a single complaint regarding the efficiency of this device.omars Power bankThere are many questions are going around in your mind like how much time it will charge, is it portable, how many USB ports are available etc. Slow down here, we have answered your all question here and complete review of Omars 26800mAh power bank. 

How much time does it take to get charged?

omars Power bank                                                                                                                                    Omars AC power bank roughly takes 6 hours to get charged. You can use a USB port or DC input to do the needful. If you didn’t have the DC power source it will take up to 6 hours to get the full charge and on DS Input mode it takes 2-3 hours. Recommended is use the DC source to charge the power bank.

Any arrangements for solar charging?

The gadget does support solar charging so that you remain totally equipped with battery full gadgets even in absence of charging points. However, the company does not provide the special solar charger with the device. With Omars AC power bank, running out of batteries of your gadgets would never worry you. You can play games, enjoy music, make presentations and do whatever you want without even caring about the battery level of your laptop, mobile, tablet or any other digital gadget.

All you need to do is to keep the switch phone for charging the gadgets through the power bank. Since you would be traveling and using the gadgets all the way, it’s important to keep them in connection with the Omars AC power bank to ensure that the battery level is always full.

What do we get in the box?

The box comes equipped with USB minus C charger cable, adaptor, Omars AC power bank main unit and user manual.

The device has been customized for various gadgets. Therefore, it would provide a different power supply for different gadgets. You can charge camcorder, projector, laptop, smartphone, and other devices without taking any precautionary measures. Even while you are traveling by air, Omars AC power bank would be your helping partner in keeping the battery level of your gadgets full. Suppose you are running out of battery level and there is an important business call or conference that needs to be attended without any failure. In such a case, you need to have something like Omars power bank that lends all the support. The Handy workability of Omars AC power bank has made it much popularized and advantageous.

How Many Charging Port’s Are Available On Power Bank?

The power bank has two power input sources which help you to charge the power bank. There is one USB Type-C input: DC 5V/3A;12V/2A;14.5V/2A;20V/1.45A and the second DC Input: 18V/2A capacity. You can charge the power bank through any port you want as per your convenience. To switch between the DC mode to USB Type-C mode it also has a power button. Omars power bank

Now coming back to the charging ports. It has the two USB 3.0 port for the quick charging. And One AC Output: 110V~ 60Hz,90W. To turn on the AC power it has an AC On/Off switch and to show how much battery is available in the power bank it has the LED notification on the top of the power bank.

Final words

It often happens that we run out of power and absence of electrical socket this allows us to use our gadgets. In such a case, Omars power bank acts as your rescuer in emergency situations. You can up keep the battery level of your electrical Gadgets and constantly remain equipped with everything you need. The portable Power Bank can be taken wherever you go. It stores electricity within the gadget show that you can charge your equipment whenever there is the absence of Power.

Price and Availability

Omars AC power bank is available at a price of $119.99 on Amazon. Place your order for the gadget asap and achieve more savings and added convenience. The affordable price range of Omars AC power bank gives you better reasons to buy it. So do not delay and place your order straight. Use the “OMT100PR” Coupon code for the 20%off.