Today a GPS tracker is the need of the hour. We all want to that our kids to be safe wherever they are. Lenovo has launched the most affordable GPS tracker for kids as Leimei W13. This GPS tracker has a lot of features like IPX7 waterproof, Camera, GPS tracking system, SOS calls and also you can insert SIM so the kid can make and receive calls as well.

To know how to operate all these features and how efficient they can work so we have decided to do the complete review of this watch. So without any delay let’s take a look at the features and functionality of the Lenovo Leimei W13:-

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Lenovo Leimei Review: Specifications

Brand And ModelLenovo leimei
DisplayLCD, 1.44 inches, 128 x 128 Resolution
Internal Memory32MB

Lenovo Leimei W13: Design & Display

The Lenovo Leimei W13 design is very attractive, very much likable to the kids. The watch is available in two colors as followed by Blue, and Pink. Both the colors sharp and vibrant. The strap is made of soft rubber and sweat proof. In new it may be a little bit rigid but after some time it will be soft. The watch is IPX7 waterproof so it has double silica gel so the water cannot damage the watch.Lenovo leimei W13  review

The 1.44″ color display shows all the content and easy to interact. The display is very much responsive and easy to switch between the apps, just swipe the finger from left to right or right to left you will be able to see the options. The camera is placed underneath of the right bezel’s and also have the button to capture the image. Well look at the design and display is nice and kids will love it.

Lenovo Leimei W13: Features

The Lenovo Leimei W13 offers a lot of features and all of them are very useful to secure your kid. Here we have listed all of them and how to access them as well:

Two Way Calling

The Lenovo Leimei support the 2G sim and also you can make and receive calls. The watch has a little memory to store the contact so you can save some important numbers as well.

IPX7 Certified

The watch is IPX7 waterproof and dustproof. You can not kids to stop playing so that’s why Lenovo has claimed that it is double coated the Silica Gel. Now the watch is waterproof up to 5meter of the depth of water.


The Lenovo Leimei has a feature of Real-Time access the camera. You can also use the watch camera with your smartphone, and monitor the surrounding of your kids. All the photos taken by your kids will automatically sync with your smartphone.


The watch Leimei has the GPS tracking system and it can be turn off. This is the best thing about this watch. Even if your kid plays with the watch the GPS will not turn off. You will get the exact location of your kid each and every time.

Other Features

The watch also has the alarm and SOS, now these added features made this a perfect smartwatch for kids.

Lenovo Leimei W13: Price

If you take a look at the price then Lenovo listed it at a very reasonable price. The watch is available on the Gearbest at $24.99. I think this is one of the cheapest GPS trackers for kids.

Lenovo Leimei W13: Review & Conclusion

Well, technically Leimei is one of the best-featured GPS tracker available in the market. It’s not like that other are not good but the price also matter. You can find these features in Fitbit for kids watch but it cost you exactly double in the price.

So The Lenovo Leimei is the best smartwatch for a kid, and go ahead buy it before it goes out of stock.