Lenovo is back on the track with another masterpiece named Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband. The technology giant Lenovo has kept no shortage of astounding gadgets. And now, the Company again impresses the buyers with its very dynamic Smartband that comes loaded with the exorbitant amount of features. The tiny price tag and the great features would definitely make you crave for this masterpiece. So let us quickly take a review of the smartband and know more about.

Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband

As we know about Lenovo have a great tech product and they all are doing great into the market. Now the users are moving towards the Lenovo as the company is introducing the new tech. So keep that in mind company has introduced the Heart Rate Smartband name Lenovo HW02. Let’s take a look at the features which makes it different from others.

Build Quality & Designing

Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband

The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband somewhat appears like a typical fitness band. The screen is scratch resistant with the respectable pixel resolution of 40 x 72. The OLED screen is .42 inch wide and has a perfect touch key mode. I personally used the watch and observed that it was pretty easy to read beneath the sunlight while wearing the watch. Moreover, even if you have a tendency to be careless with the watch, there would be no scratches at all. They adjustable watch-style clasp is just enough to spare plenty of space on the wrist.

The Band Quality

The band of the watch is made up of skin-friendly TPU material that integrates a metallic buckle. The color available for the watch includes orange, black and blue. The waterproof IP67 is just a great option for carrying the watch outdoors.


Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband

The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband is embedded with 512k memory power. The heart rate monitor, pedometer and the additional health tracking features make the watch so much different from the rest of all the stock available at this price range. The watch would give you some of the most exceptional features like a sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, calorie counter and motion tracking. It can act as your reminder by pinging you for the received and missed calls, SMS and requests.

Battery Performace

Talking about the battery of the watch, it is again quite impressive. With 60mah battery power, the watch is capacitated to have a standby time of up to 15 days. It takes around 2 hours for the watch to get charged when you insert it with a nil battery level.

Additional Features Of Lenovo Smartband

  • The watch would view your bodily aesthetics like sleep, heart rate, calorie consumption and motion
  • You get all the notifications from the social media accounts.
  • Firmware installation
  • Capacitated to set silent alarms so that it wakes you up when you sleep for too long
  • Sedentary reminders

Tracks the Number of Steps Taken

Since the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband is a calorie counter, it would count the total number of steps that you take in a day. The watch would automatically reset itself and would let you track your exact motions and gestures throughout the day.

Heart Rate Counter

Tracking the exact heart rate is one of the major selling points of the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband. You can set up triggered on demand so that you come to know the major changes that take place throughout the day.

Sleep Quality

Sleep tracking refers to the technique in which a fitness band tracks the sleep breakdown of the user. It would detect your deep sleep, shallow sleep, and the average heart rate.


The price tag of $39.99 the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband is definitely a plus for the price conscious buyers. The quality of apps this watch has is far better than all the competitors in the market. When you would wear the watch, it would just fit appropriately over your wrist irrespective of your gender. The band is the best fitness tracker for you and your family.