The LEMFO LEM7 Smartwatch is now officially available in the market with a price tag just shy of $145. Even though we have seen other Smartwatch models from LEMFO in the past, the LEMFO LEM7 MT6737 is so far the best Smartwatch from the manufacturer.

So what makes the LEMFO LEM7 different from the other Smartwatches out there? That’s exactly what we are going to find out in this LEMFO LEM7 review today.

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LEMFO LEM7: Appearance and Design

A circular design Smartwatch is something that captures the attention and liking of anyone, and the LEMFO LEM7 does have a circular design, making it one of the most attractive looking Smartwatches in the very first glance.LEMFO LEM7 ReviewLooking into details, the LEMFO LEM7 is thinner and looks smaller in dimensions than the previous LEMFO Smartwatches. There is a 1.39-inch display that graces the front of the Smartwatch and there is a physical dial on the right side of the watch which does various functions and on the back of the watch, there is a heart rate monitoring sensor.LEMFO LEM7 ReviewEven though the watch is made out of polycarbonate, it does have a very up-market and premium feel to it. The watch bands are swappable and all the bands are made of skin-friendly materials which should keep the allergic-type users at ease.

LEMFO LEM7: Hardware

Talking about the hardware, we have to talk about the display on the LEMFO LEM7 first. The 1.39-inch display panel has a resolution of 400×400 pixels and is protected against scratches and occasional low-height drops by a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panel along with an AF coating.LEMFO LEM7 ReviewThe display is really good for a Smartwatch and even under direct sunlight, the display on the LEMFO LEM7 is very much usable. Next up is the dial on the right side of the watch. The dial is a physical button, which when pressed works like a Home button for the watch. The button can also be turned to perform functions like turning between displays. The button can also be pressed in various sensitivities to operate different functions like switching ON/OFF the exercise tracker or turning the display light ON.LEMFO LEM7 ReviewThe heart-rate monitor on the back is capable to track heart-rate in real-time which is great for using the LEMFO LEM7 as a fitness tracker.

Now to what powers the LEMFO LEM7. The device is powered by the MediaTek MT6737M chipset, has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of inbuilt storage space.

LEMFO LEM7 Software

What really matters on a Smartwatch is the software. And the LEMFO LEM7 is running on the Android 7.0 software. The watch even has a dedicated Nano SIM slot. The LEMFO LEM7 also offers various connectivity options like support for 4G LTE, WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The LEMFO LEM7 also has a variety of sensors like geomagnetic sensor, three-axis accelerometer, barometer, and as mentioned before, a heart-rate monitoring sensor. All these sensors can help in functions like tracking the steps, sleep, activity, heart-rate and more.

For starters, there is a LEMFO Watch application available for free in the Google Play Store. Using the application, LEMFO LEM7 owners can pair the Smartwatch with various supported devices, can add new watch faces on the Smartwatch, install apps on the Smartwatch and more.

LEMFO LEM7: Features

Now let’s talk about some awesome features that the LEMFO LEM7 has. The Smartwatch is capable of making/receiving calls, sending/receiving texts and even connecting to the internet without having to pair with a Smartphone, as the LEMFO LEM7 has a dedicated SIM slot allowing the watch to work as a standalone device.LEMFO LEM7 Review

As the LEMFO LEM7 is also very much oriented towards fitness liking buyers, the device is capable of tracking different activities like running, walking, cycling etc.LEMFO LEM7 ReviewOne of the most interesting features of the watch is the 2.0MP camera. It can capture the average quality of images. In the case of emergency you can capture the images and record the videos as well.

LEMFO LEM7: Battery

The LEMFO LEM7 has a 700mAh battery built-in. The battery size is sufficient enough for a Smartwatch. However, if you use the Smartwatch too much for battery-hungry tasks like consuming data using 4G LTE, then you might have to charge the LEMFO LEM7 by the end of the day.
Otherwise, the battery on the LEMFO LEM7 will easily last a single day without having to be charged again.LEMFO LEM7 Review

The LEMFO LEM7 comes with own cylindrically shaped charging cradle. The cradle features a Micro-USB port to connect a cable, which then can be connected to the power source for charging. To charge the watch, you simply have to connect the cradle to the power source and lay the back side of the watch on the cradle, which is where the charging connectors are present.

The LEMFO LEM7 can be charged from a 0-100 percent pretty quickly, considering the small size of the battery.

LEMFO LEM7 Review and Conclusion

For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on a Smartwatch, the LEMFO LEM7 is a very affordable option. Despite being on the cheaper side of the competition, the LEMFO LEM7 offers features that are found on many expensive Smartwatches making the LEMFO LEM7 quite a good Smartwatch to buy considering the features and overall user experience that it offers.

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