Marketers have always been at the mercy of new algorithms. Some channels are reserved about the way their algorithms operate; however, YouTube, on the other hand, has remained incredibly transparent.

YouTube tracks its users’ engagement by monitoring their video watching preferences. YouTube delves into the intricacies about what you watch, total time spent watching any video, what you dislike, sorting through your likes and dislikes, and many other parameters.

Hence, video content creators must learn to optimize their content according to how YouTube sorts videos that are uploaded daily. Considering all parameters that are monitored closely by YouTube, you need to emphasize on the topics in vogue, use keywords, edit your content, and realize what the masses prefer the most.

Tips To Optimize YouTube Content

YouTube has developed a sophisticated algorithm to affect trending videos online and which ones would be ranked above the other. The brain of the platform is not based merely on views or likes, but rather, it analyzes the user data more carefully.

Here are mentioned some protocols and tricks to ensure that your content stays ahead on YouTube and overshadows your competition –

1. Keywords and Relevance

Two of the most significant factors that can alter your videos’ search rankings include the keywords you use and relevance.

YouTube considers how effectively your titles, descriptions, and content match each users’ queries before finally ranking the videos.

Your channel history, that is, how many users watched videos from your channel the last time, shall also be taken into account. The last time viewers watched similar videos like the ones you uploaded would also be taken into account.

All this comes down to how effectively your video title can match the keywords searched by viewers, and how often do they delve into the topics that your channel uploads.

2. Engagement and Satisfaction

YouTube serves each viewer the most relevant, personalized recommendations according to what engaged them for long and what they usually watch.

YouTube analyzes users’ watch history and discovers hundreds of similar videos that might be worth watching.

YouTube then analyzes how good was a particular video in engaging and satisfying similar users, how often does each viewer watch videos from each channel or different videos concerning the same topic.

Users often watch more content when they receive recommendations from different channels that they have previously visited. Taking this into account, YouTube diversifies their recommended videos feed and each user’s homepage.

3. Gain more Subscribers

Knowing that YouTube has a subscription page where users can watch video content from the channels they have subscribed to, you must strive to gain more subscribers that are loyal to your channel.

To precisely calculate rankings on their platform, YouTube employes a metric termed as view velocity, which counts the total number of subscribers who view your content right after its uploaded.

Your videos are bound to rank higher if your channel has a higher view velocity. The number of active subscribers you possess on your channel also affects while ranking videos.

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4. Know Your Trend

You must know the hot and trendy topics in the market. People would want to be enlightened on these topics much more than the ones that have gone kaput. You must know what the masses are preferring to watch while being on YouTube.

For instance, if the crowd is oriented towards watching videos of classical music performances and symphonies, then you should consider working on videos that revolve around these topics.

You can find the most searched queries online by viewers that would lead them to your channel under the YouTube Search report. This is where you would know the kind of keywords to use and how to broadcast your channel.

Your title and channel name as-well-as the video description; all must comply with the keywords that people would usually search online.

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5. Make it More Vibrant

Making your channel more vibrant and colorful is a great way to attract more viewers to your YouTube channel. One way that you can do this is by creating beautiful thumbnails that include vibrant colors instead of the cold and harsh ones.

Thumbnails preview your video and allure viewers to click your video. The human brain has been wired naturally to respond to eye-catching visuals. Being colorful can make you stand apart from the crowd, where most would use plain and dull thumbnails while begging for attention.

You must consider using a talking head to create an attractive thumbnail. People are naturally drawn to human faces as it helps us deduce someone’s emotions and extrapolate if they are a friend or mean harm to you.

Research Gate data has revealed that Instagram photos with faces are 38% more likely to procure likes and 32% more likely to receive comments.

Apart from using faces, you should also consider contrasting the colors and textures of your thumbnail’s foreground and background. This would make it look pop.

6. Be more Graphical and Unique

As mentioned earlier, YouTube ranks your video content by the engagement it created.

Engagement can be judged by the total time viewers spent watching your video, likes and dislikes, audience retention, and total shares it received.

To be more engaging, you need to make your videos more graphical and uniquely scripted so that people don’t get monotonous vibes all along.

If your topic is large, you can always create a playlist of videos to keep the viewers engaged and give them something to binge-watch.

You can then start by creating videos that often yield the highest audience retention rate. As your videos would become more engaging, the chances are that the users would complete watching most of the videos in your playlists.

Final Words

YouTube has devised a very complex algorithm to rank videos that are being uploaded daily. Since it is not as simple as views and likes, you need to get creative and follow the above mentioned key points.

This would help in better audience retention, more engagement, as-well-as a higher chance of being ranked high if you follow all the factors correctly.

Choosing an online video editing platform is very important as it would help create amazing videos for you, optimize them, and make them more engaging and vibrant.

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