Priced at just $119, KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch Phone imparts unbeatable specifications to the buyers. The device has rugged looks and weights substantially high due to its high-quality machine. It is a quality device that would not only execute its basic function but shall also accompany you in various extra curriculum activities. The enormous style and the affordable price range is something that you don’t generally find in the case of smart watches.

There is a lot more functionality KingWear KW98 is offering at the affordable price. So without more delaying let’s take a look at them:

KingWear KW98 Review

Without wasting any time, let us first of all talk about the design of the smartwatch.

Design & Build Quality

KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch Phone

KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch Phone comes with a plain stainless steel body. It additionally has 1.39” AMOLED display with 400×400 pixel resolution. The smartwatch is a perfect thing for the everyday usage. It has a blend of modern looks and advanced techniques. The metal part is made up of stainless steel material that gives much detailing to the device. The band consists of high-end cowhide material that again imparts unique and elegant look on carrying the watch on your wrist.

Hardware & Software

KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch Phone runs on MTK6580 processor. It has Android 5.1 as its operating system. Surprisingly, the tiny watch has 8 GB ROM and 512 MB RAM. The impressive configurations have already made it one of the best selling smart watches till date. The operating system of the watch works exactly the way it would perform on a regular smartphone. There are one sim slots for making and receiving calls. Due to the Sim Slot, the watch works as Stand Alone smartwatch.

Kingwear-KW98 3g-smart-watch

Since it has all the functions of a smartphone, it gets notifications just the way a smartphone does. Additionally, the watch has the Google assistant feature for call answering. It embeds 400mAh battery power that can render at least 2 days standby time.

Features Which Reveals Has Not

KingWear KW98 Smartwatch is more of a multitasking watch than a typical digital device. It has an inbuilt Heart rate sensor that would detect the measurements with utmost accuracy. The results would wirelessly transport into the connected smartphone that is convenient to read. Not to mention, the smartwatch is a blessing for the heart patients and health conscious people. It would constantly remind you to stay active and monitor your body through its exceptional features.Kingwear-KW98 3g-smart-watch

Besides the heart rate sensing, KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch also identifies your physical activities. It has the Pedometer which counts the total number of steps you have taken in a day and the total calories burnt. It won’t be wrong to call the watch as a perfect health device apart from a digital thing.

Kingwear-KW98 3g-smart-watch

You can do a lot more customization with the watch Dail. Every Day is the new day for you. You can set the watch face as per your day or mood. The real time GPS will let you track the destination. Now you don’t need your phone to track your position.

Use it the way you want!

Since the look of the smartwatch has been kept really simple, you can always carry it in your business meetings and agendas. While returning from the office, it would count your overall activity level and make best of suggestions for you. The other day, If your phone battery is dead then you can insert the SIM Into KingWear KW98 and the watch helped you all day long.

The wonderful battery power and unparalleled features help you to execute everything that your smartphone would have done. It got well connected with my laptop through 4.0 Bluetooth techniques and exchanged files in an effortless way. Also, uploaded the same on your social media account. I can surely say that you will not miss your smartphone.

Personal Experience With Watch

Yes, I did check out all the features in KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch. The clock, alarm, calendar, stop watch and been the calculator worked so damn well. I just can’t believe the simplicity and exorbitant features of the smartwatch at such a low rate. In this price tag, you can not get that better option.


All in all, KingWear KW98 3G Smartwatch has more than what you would expect it to have! It has a brain clock device that performs exactly like a human does. The pre-installed apps and features make things super easy and relaxing. The intuitive interface and AMOLED screen quality is the best that you can spot at this price range. You can buy the smartwatch from Gearbest at maximum discount. It will soon be listed at a minimum of 20% off on the website with free shipping facility.