Smartwatches are becoming the another important part of our digital life after Smartphone. Many of the famous companies are entering in the smartwatches market, KingWear is also one of them. Previously the company has launched high-class Android Product and in the series of that company has launched the Smartwatch KINGWEAR KW88. The company made the promise that it is different from then all smartwatches, well how is it. Today we are going to review the KINGWEAR KW88 smartwatch and see what makes it different from others.

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Design and Appearance:

Design and Appearance of KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch
Design and Appearance of KingWear KW88

KINGWEAR KW88 3G Smartwatch display quality is very much impressive. It has a screen of 1.39 inches, 286PPI of AMOLED round screen with space cutting technology. Due to AMOLED display, supply you bright and vivid display even in the sunlight. This smartwatch has the superior brightness and viewing angle which is the most important for a watch. Instead of being completely round, there is a small section at the bottom which does not display images. Due to this screen, it looks a bit like a flat tire.

The numerals engraved at the bezel are in 3D and fine brushed for that aesthetic look and feel. The watchband and bezel mesh together tightly, which makes it more elegant.


The most outstanding feature for a smartwatch is Operating System. Most of the smartwatch has their custom operating system. Unlike other KingWear KW88 is powered by the Android 5.1. It also supports the App Store to download the more apps for the smartwatch.

 Android 5.1 Operating System
Android 5.1 Operating System


It also supports the thousands of apps which can customize your smartwatch as to your taste. The multitasking and background running of application are also possible. That means you can listen to music and also simultaneously see the pictures, play games, and browse the internet at the same time.

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On the point of Hardware, KingWear KW88 is the powerhouse! KingWear KW88 has the quad-core MKT6850 1.39ghz CPU. This kind of a chipset like a surprising choice for a smartwatch. It also has the 512mb of ram and 4GB of ROM which makes it more compelling.

In spite of this high configuration, you won’t face any battery problem. The watch has a very decent battery backup. Since the software is new, it’s constantly being updated with new features. Although this processor may be overkill for current use, this should give the device more headroom to run apps that will be coming out in the future.

KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch Phone has 512 mb RAM& 4GB ROM
512mb of ram and 4GB of ROM

Regarding memory, the device has an adequate 512mb of ram and 4gb of ROM. Since the watches are not used for the same complex applications used on phones, this is more than adequate for their purposes.

The software is new, and you will always get the latest update of the system if available. The smartwatch also has a slot for nano sim card, if you want or have another sim card you can insert that, and it will work as a mini smartwatch.

Connectivity and communication:

As we told you, that smartwatch has a nano sim card slot, and it is equipped with 3G WCDMA supported. The smartwatch also supports the WIFI, Alarm, Speaker output support, Bluetooth, Calendar, GPS, Notification, GPS much more. It’s like the mini smartphone on the wrist.

The smartwatch also supports the Multi-language like English, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Bengali, Burmese, Indonesian, Hindi, German, Spanish. So have an enormous liberty to choose the language for batter interaction with the watch.


KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch 2.0MP Camera
2.0 MP Camera in KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch

The Camera is the most important and phenomenal feature of this smartwatch. The smartwatch has the excellent camera of 2.0MP (SW 5.0MP). The Sony powers the camera with 6 lenses for the better picture clarity. You can easily keep the good memories of the right moment with high-quality picture and video. You can record the video in HD mode with 3D noise reduction.

Other Features:

OTA Wireless Upgrade: To update your smartwatch there is an easy way, and that is Easy one click wireless upgrade is always available online to give you the best user experience. Whenever you have some update, it will notify you. Just one click you can install the latest update of the system.

Heart Rate Sensor: Like most of the smartwatch KINGWEAR KW88 also have the high accurate heart rate sensor. This smartwatch will help you to know your heart rate status anytime and anywhere. So, be your next health steward and enjoy your intelligent life.

Pedometer:  This is another unique feature of this smartwatch Pedometer. The smartwatch has inbuilt pedometer; you have the records of your daily steps and consuming calories.

Notification reminder: There is also notification reminder like smartphone a notification pulse light. It will vibrate to remind you that there’s is the notification on your smartphones like incoming call, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, emails and other Apps.

Pros & Cons:-

  • KingWear KW88 support the iPhone connectivity. A brilliant Super AMOLED display gives a superior visibility under direct sunlight.
  • The 1.3Ghz processor makes it more powerful, multitasking and opens other applications accessible without any Lags.
  • OTA Update support is available from the manufacturer. So every time it updates it brings new interface, icons themes, and much more.
  • Battery backup is impressive; it manages to last for 2 days under continuous heavy usage and 2 weeks of standby time.
  • iPhone support for the smartwatch is limited. You won’t be able to perform all the features.
  • You have to be careful because the watch has no water resistance and dust proof.
  • It has 4GB of ROM, and only 2.5GB is usable.
  • It doesn’t support memory card. The watch size might be a problem for some user.


Final Verdict:

Final Verdict of KingWear KW88 3G Smartwatch
Final Verdict by Technosoups Team
The KingWear KW88 is the great Smartwatch to buy. In a budget smartwatch, Kingswear also providing, the health monitor and sensor features which are quite innovative. In spite of making the phone call, or chatting you can do a lot more things with use of this amazing smartwatch.

So, if you are planning to buy smartwatch then try this as a suggestion.

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