The smartwatch manufacturer, KingWear, has again presented a stylish and sporty smartwatch, with a pinch of a serious look in it. It is the “KingWear GV68” which is also an IP68 certified Smartwatch and is categorized as one of the most stylish watches of 2017, especially for ladies. The GV68 has embedded with numerous features for the limited price of the $38, which is very low, compared to the features loaded in the device. The most talked about feature of the KingWear watch is its high-tech waterproof properties, and this is just one of the many varieties of features that the KingWear GV68 IP68 certified smartwatch possesses. So, let’s get familiar with some other gentle features of the watch.

KingWear GV68 Smartwatch Review

KingWear kw88 smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches by the company and now the company is coming up with the GV68. Like Kw88 this also loaded some of the advanced featured and the best smartwatch for the Ladies. Without any delay let’s take a look at the feature:

Rectangular Design

KingWear GV68 smartwatch

The KingWear GV68 smartwatch has a classic rectangular design which gives it a classy, trendy look. The design of the watch is ecstatic and refreshing. The KingWear Smartwatch presents itself in an aluminum case body, with a 1.54″ inch TFT LCD screen with a very high-quality resolution. The touch screen of the watch works very smoothly and looks lovely with its 2.5D Arc HD screen. It has a treated glass screen which is made out of durable material for depiction in scratch evidence and to make it shatterproof.

Solid Hardware

The KingWear GV68 is launched with various emerging and impressive hardware specifications. The device has abuilt-in processor of MTK2502D which provides full support to its functions. The GV68 Smartwatch has 32 MB RAM and 32 MB ROM to make the device run smoothly. The hardware of the watch is very efficient and handles all the stress of this smartwatch correctly.

Latest Software

KingWear GV68 smartwatch

The KingWear GV68 has a lot to offer with some of the latest software available in the market. The device can be easily connected to any smartphone to provide you an ebonic view and experience. The KingWear watch is highly compact. It is compatible and can be easily combined with the Android and iOS both the operating systems. But, the company says, for excellent compatibility, Android 4.4 or above and iOS8.0 and above is required.

IP68 Waterproof Certification

KingWear GV68 smartwatch

The main USP of the watch is its IP68 certification. The device is highly durable even under water due to its waterproof IP68 rating. With such a waterproof rating, that offers safe water guarantee up to 3 meters anyone can swim while wearing this empowered watch and it won’t damage it. The watch is an excellent choice for a sports person, as they can track their performance and heart rate while working out. All in all, it’s very compact to use under water.

Monitor every step of your Life

The KingWear GV68 is brilliant and examines each of your daily activity. The watch has the best heart monitoring sensor, which continuously pays attention to your heartbeat and keeps you healthy. There is an also sleep tracking option in the watch, which examines the quality of your sleep abs. Thus you can easily wear this watch at night as well. The Pedometer installed in the watch records each of your step marks and the distance you covered daily. It Records your steps and counts its distance, to control your movement. The Sedentary reminder will Develop scientific habits and efficiently resist sub-health. The device is ingenious and caters all the needs of genuine athletes.

Remote Camera

The KingWear GV68 sports a remote control camera and the watch has a simple remote monitoring system which can be used to record every beautiful moment with any angle. You can easily connect the watch to your smartphone, and click multiple high definition pictures. The device not only allows you to click remote pictures, but you can also play primitive music through it. The watch can be easily synched with your dynamic workout playlist, and you can also achieve many blasting exercise session through it.

Impressive Battery Life

The KingWear GV68 sports a Li-polymer battery with a capacity of 360mAh. The battery seems to be sufficient for handling all the complicated features of the watch. To fully charge the battery you need to charge it for at least 3 hours, and it can stay alive for almost 7 days on standby mode. That’s pretty amazing.

Other Amazing Features

  • The watch has a robust Bluetooth 4.0 system, through its Bluetooth 4.0 it generates a fantastic connectivity to your smartphone. The Bluetooth also enables us to view callers name through its inbuilt caller I’d.
  • It is a multi-linguist watch, which supports languages like English, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • It is Available in TriColor combinations of Green, Orange, and Pink.
  • It has 5 group of alarms and 6 screen locks for the users.

  • It has an IP68 waterproof rating.
  • Has a decent Battery backup.
  • It’s very stylish cool, smart watch for girls.
  • Very less RAM and ROM
  • The device doesn’t show notification accurately.

Bottom Line

My suggestions for the KingWear GV68 watch is that its smart, waterproof, cool, fashionable and all in all the best smartwatch available for ladies at this price range. So, ladies if you like cool gadgets then you must try this. But, the final decision is always your, so make it wisely.