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  1. JUN YI Toy Drone (JY018):

One of the best mini drone. Hurry now limited 41% off, just 11 days left or till stock last. Click here to buy it now.

JY018 has foldable wings which you can carry around in your pocket, totally controlled by your smart phone. The best feature is one switch take-off and land.

Take a picture or some beautiful scenery video, all possible with just this device. 2.0 MP WI-FI FPV Transmission with a range of 70 meters for you to expand your vision and take a sweet selfie at full HD with a resolution up to 1080p. Tillable camera, for you to adjust as per your need.

JUN YI foldable toy Drone (JY018)

The drone has app controlled gravity sensors, so you can have full control of your drone with your cell phone and simply by tilting your phone. 360⁰ cool 3D flip just by the click of a button. You can also set a flight pattern by just drawing it on your phone’s screen, and your drone will follow it.

Don’t know which direction your drone will fly, don’t worry, with the headless mode, the drone will adjust itself automatically in the direction you point your phone. New 6 axis Gyro sensors for more stability and altitude holding capability even if it is pushed or gets hit by an object.

Features at glance:

Price: $49.99 $29.99*  (41 % OFF)

features of JUN YI Toy Drone (JY018)

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  1. FAYEE (FY602) Quadcopter:

Tired of just flying your drone, don’t worry Fayee FY602 gives you just what you want. With a limited discount of 41% off, just 12 days remaining or till the stock last grab your chance of having 2 in 1 drone. Click here to own it.

You can either fly your drone or just drive it around, fayee gives you both options. Just change the flying blade with the wheel, and it will just work fine. With 0.3MP FPV camera you can drone your drone using Wi-Fi or use the wireless remote at 2.4 MHz spectrum with anti-interference to control your drone smoothly.

FAYEE (FY602) Quadcopter drone

The drone can make 3D 360o flips and rolls freely. It is equipped with a stable barometric sensor, which helps in stable hovering and altitude hold, making the drone to carry out stable flight and take an aerial photography.

Headless mode, do not worry which way the drone will fly or move, it will automatically adjust to the direction you are holding your phone or remote. With app controlled gravity sensor, tilt your drone by just tilting your phone.

Features at glance:

Price: $79.99 $47.99*  (41 % OFF)

FAYEE (FY602) Quadcopter features

  1. VISUO (XS809HW) Foldable Drone:

With a Visual new drone, comes with inbuilt sensors and cool features which make it not to miss. Limited discount of 57%, 27 days left or till stock last. Hurry order one for yourself, and be a proud owner of one of the best drone available. Click here to buy it.

With build in the stable barometer, the drone can hold at a particular altitude by itself, allowing to have a stable flight and enabling you to have more stunning, permanent, aerial photography with 0.3 MP camera.

VISUO (XS809HW) Foldable Drone

6 axis gyroscope allows more stable flight. In app gyro, makes it possible to control the drone movement by just tilting your phone. You can maneuver the drone with the option of high or low speed. With headless mode, do not worry about which direction the drone will fly, just choose a direction and drone itself with following to that direction.

The remote controller operates at 2.4 MHz, which helps out a strong signal to the drone for long distance and also has no interference. You can do 360O flip and roll to have a fresh experience with it.

Features at glance:

Price: $79.99 $34.99*  (57 % OFF)

VISUO (XS809HW) drone features

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