In the world of online domain ownership and operation, reputation and credibility are  especially important factors to protect. From ensuring that your site does what it is actually intended to do, to maintaining the peace of mind of your users to preserve their trust and confidence in your site, several factors play a role in how the public sphere perceives you and your work. The thing is, while there are plenty of people who operate within this field respectfully and with integrity, there are a plethora of villains out there that pose a threat to the credibility of your site. Out of those unsavory characters, adult sites are one of the biggest threats, and oftentimes, they become dangerous in the simplest of ways. 

While there are more dangerous threats to your site and domain, such as hackers or viruses, most adult sites use a foothold that domain purchasers unintentionally give them. It is that if all variants of a specific domain name are not covered, adult sites have the ability to create sites with domains that are similar to that of your own site with very little difference for the user to identify the imposter-website they are mistakenly entering into. This simple trick can end up being a devastating mistake, especially if your site asks for sensitive information, which is now being given to another site that is impersonating yours. 

The thing is, while the sensitive information aspect is a very serious one, the main problem that arises when an adult site uses a variant of your domain is the damage to your reputation. In the world of business and marketing, being associated with sites that contain content such as pornography or graphic images immediately puts your site on a “no-fly” list with many users in the public realm. This form of deception is particularly dangerous because it removes traffic and business from your perfectly safe website, which ultimately hurts you as the owner. 

In many cases, website-owners simply do not have the ability to cover every variant of their domain and safeguard from this type of threat, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to keep your site a little bit safer. While it may be difficult to shore up your defenses manually, there are programs and businesses that are on your side when it comes to situations such as this. So now that you know about the threat, the remainder of this article is dedicated to telling you about the solution.

While there are many programs and blockers that cater to this specific type of danger when it comes to domain safety, none can really compare to AdultBlock. Under the maintenance of 101domain, AdultBlock is a service that specializes in blocking adult sites from registering your domain with the extensions .adult, .porn, .sex and .xxx. Since many users tend not to look closely when it comes to URLs or their domains, this type of protection is vital in keeping your website reputable and secure. For the most part, domain purchasers can catch the bulk of domain variants that may be susceptible to hijacking, but this specific blocker ensures that no adult site can pull a blinder over users that may come to your site to do actual business. 

One notable aspect about AdultBlock is the fact that it only protects companies who have validated their trademark and origin through Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and who have specifically participated in ICM Registry’s Sunrise B program in the past, taking careful measures to block any adult sites from registering a client’s name in any of the four extensions mentioned. Also, AdultBlock is unique in that it also blocks premium domain names for any business, both ones that have not previously been registered and the future registration of names that may possibly already be registered. 

With that being the broad aspect of what AdultBlock does, there are a few factors that make it a highly effective and necessary tool for ensuring the safety of your site. From assistance executives to affordable prices, AdultBlock is a multi-faceted, expanded protection service that defends your business from all sides.

While we have already discussed some of the benefits in previous sections, it would not be remiss to continue to mention the level of accountability that comes with purchasing AdultBlock. Here’s the thing: in purchasing AdultBlock or AdultBlock+, you are not investing your money in some inexperienced business that has little understanding of the protection you need, rather you are partnering with experts who legitimately want the very best for their clients. In fact, 101domain currently extends its business to tens of thousands of clients worldwide. This network of systems and programs provides one of the benefits that set AdultBlock apart from so many others: real-time assistance. While it’s one thing to block off variants of your domain name and simply assume that you are safe, it is quite another thing to be periodically checked-in on to ensure that your domain portfolio is being associated with the right kind of fields. This assistance is just another factor that will help keep your reputation in high standing. 

Next, one of the most important aspects of AdultBlock that cannot be underestimated is the program’s extreme affordability. According to PR Newswire, “pricing on the standard AdultBlock product can deliver substantial savings versus standard defensive domain registrations across all four extensions. For total protection, AdultBlock+ covers additional qualified variations and homographs of your marks to prevent cybersquatting and attacks.” In fact, the pricing of AdultBlock allows for corporate registrars to provide significant savings over the equivalent price. While there is a selection of plans that you can choose from in order to tailor AdultBlock to the needs of your website, the basic plans consist of AdultBlock for $349.00 or AdultBlock+ beginning at $799.00 and vary depending on your choice of a 1, 3, 5, or 7-year plan. Also, the occasional promotion sprouts up and allows the buyer to get a bargain that is unlike any other. 


Overall, when it comes to pricing, 101domain’s AdultBlock is currently the cheapest option on the market. In fact, with AdultBlock specializing in this specific field and consisting of a network that can sustain such low prices, very few businesses have the capacity to compete with the level of protection and affordability that comes with AdultBlock’s package. So whether you are a site that is just beginning to plant its roots, or have owned a domain for some time, the necessity of a package such as this one cannot be lightly addressed, since the threats that come against it will not be light in their onslaught. 


Looking over the basics, we have been able to establish that while the business itself is important to the general public, reputation plays a major role in the user’s decision to enter your site. While there may be many threats that come against both you and your domain, adult sites are a serious danger when it comes to tainting the user perspective of your business. Thankfully, programs such as AdultBlock are highly effective in this form of security. From on-hand assistance to affordable pricing, the need for a domain-blocking solution such as this one cannot be overstated. And while you can take your chances and attempt at doing it manually, history has shown time and time again that sometimes, someone having your back is your best course of action.