We all like to play jigsaw puzzles and love everything about it. It is a game of patience, excitement, suspense, concentration, memory, it makes us do a lot of brain exercise, etc. 

Finding the missing pieces of the puzzle and putting everything together just to see the actual finished image and repuzzle it again, is just so much fun. Sadly, nowadays people like to spend most of their time on technologies and this pandemic has made us even more dependent on technologies than we were before. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the best 10 Jigsaw Puzzle apps for your Android.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps For Android

Sadly, nowadays people like to spend most of their time on technologies and this pandemic has made us even more dependent on technologies than we were before. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the Best 10 Jigsaw Puzzle apps for your Android. 

You can create your own puzzles from your pictures/photos. It is simple and fun! The puzzle contains thousands of high-quality and high-definition pictures, including beautiful landmarks, delicious food, funny characters, amazing art, and cute animals. You also get to choose between 4 difficulty levels and play hundreds of shapes. The coin system brings you more fun as it lets you unlock more free puzzles. 

This website allows you to choose from thousands of different jigsaw puzzles, free of charge! There is a themed puzzle for all of your interests, as well as holiday puzzles to keep you feeling festive during the holidays. 

Aside from the abundance of options, there is also a new “puzzle of the day” that you can look forward to throughout the week. If that’s not enough, they even have the option for you to upload your own picture and turn it into a puzzle. You can’t go wrong with this website!

This is another one of the best jigsaw puzzle games for your Android. With 50 million + downloads all over the world, this app continues to satisfy and make its user’s time worth spending. The best part is that this game is for free and you will get numerous puzzles to solve and choose from daily. 

It is a free puzzle app for all ages. Each enjoyable puzzle functions as a stunning scene drawn via the means of an expert artist. The stunning pics consist of photos of unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, lovely animals, myth land, holidays, farm, and plenty more! Kids, in particular small girls, love this wonderful cool puzzle game! 

In this game, all you have to do is drag the puzzle to the right place. When all the parts are in place, build a complete picture and complete the level. Each country has its own problematic battle to understand different lives, animals in nature. It has some really exciting features as well. So, go to this link and download the app. 

The difficulty level ranges from 24 to 294, with or without rotation! You can make puzzles based on your own photos, you can deal with multiple puzzles at the same time and there’s a dedicated help button, able to view the entire image and even change the background. Also, there’s a special game mode for left-handers. 

Several options to choose from like flowers, animals, landscape, buildings, etc, and 10 lakhs+ downloads from people worldwide have owned this seat amongst the best jigsaw puzzle game apps for an Android. 

Whether you are a chocolate fan, an animal lover, a fast-paced car fanatic, or an island paradise, you will find a collection of free HD puzzles for you. All the puzzles are of high quality and pictures of 3D effects. Download this app and unbox more amazing features. 

Combine the parts to create the artistic image of the maze (flowers, animals, unicorns, constellations, characters, landscapes, etc). All you have to do is to unlock all the art images/photos by collecting enough stars. In addition, you can test the limits of your brain and solve all puzzles without using any clues.

The article might be coming to an end but the list of these best jigsaw puzzle game apps isn’t finished yet. This application is another great jigsaw puzzle app that is really worth all the data and everything.

Choose from a solid catalog of beautiful puzzles. The puzzle world is for everyone! Or create your own puzzle from photos or pictures. This one is the last best jigsaw puzzle game app for Android in this article. 


So, these were some of the best jigsaw puzzle apps for your Android. We hope it was helpful and wish you enjoy your time and this second year’s lockdown with some of these jigsaw puzzle apps. 

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