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How To Jailbreak Apple TV 3 and 4 by Official Pangu Software

This article is meant to explain the Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 3 jailbreak procedure, starting from the requirements, what it takes and which benefits it will bring to the users.

Pangu recently has announced that they will be releasing a new jailbreak tool for the Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 3 sets. Unfortunately enough, still there is no indication that the Apple TV 3 can be jailbroken. This I believe will disappoint many people but it is important to know this because there are far too many fraudulent online services that offer a jailbreak service for the Apple TV sets from the 3rd generation.


Why Apple TV Jailbreak?

When properly done, the jailbreak will enable the Apple TV 4/2 owner to use unauthorized app installers which will introduce you to countless of possibilities and chances to do stuff on your device, which in normal circumstances your Apple TV set will never be able to do.

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Perhaps you are having second thoughts on whether it is a good idea to do the jailbreak on your newly bought Apple TV 4/2 set. However, if you did not know, the jailbreak is a method which enables the iOS which is Apple’s mobile operating system to be converted and use unknown codes and allow access to unverified and unauthorized by apple 3rd party services and apps.

Basically you will get to install apps such as Last Fm, Nito TV, Pandora Radio, Hulu, XMBC etc, on your Apple TV and stream various media from different iOS devices.

Is Jailbreaking legal??

Do not fret over whether you will have legal troubles in case you decide to jailbreak your ATV. Since the summer of 2010, the federal government has passed a bill that made the jailbreak legal. So, you don’t have to think about that.

The newest version of PanGu’s jailbreak enables any Apple TV4/3user to jailbreak their devices that run on tvOS 9.0 and 9.0.1 completely for free. Before you begin you will need to have an Apple developer account (free or paid) and just a Lil bit of tech knowledge.

Reminder: The current jailbreak for Apple TV 3 only features SSH access and no GUI. At this moment there isn’t Cydia like interface available for jailbroken ATV 4 units. But do not worry about that, it is only the beginning.

Instructions and Requirements how to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 For the jailbreak you will need:

  1. ATV from the 2nd or 4th generation that operates on tvOS 9.0/9.0.1
  2. Mac computer
  3. Xcode
  4. USB  C cable
  5. Free or paid Apple ID that has side-loading privileges
  6. Pangu Jailbreak tool and iOS App signer


  • Connect  the Apple TV and Mac using the USB C cable
  • Disable the Automatic Updates on your ATV 4 by going to Settings—System—Software Updates—Turn off Automatic Updates
  • Download the Pangu jailbreak tool and the iOS App signer and extract them
  • Launch Xcode and open File—New—Project—tvOS—Application—Single View—Application—Next
  • Complete the empty fields
  • In Product, name field write “Jailbreak”, in Organization “Your Name” in Organization Identifier “com.jailbreak.appletv
  • Leave the rest untouched and press Create
  • Press on Product which is in the top bar and go to Destination—Apple TV
  • Choose your Apple iD from the team area.  Connect it to Xcode by going to Xcode—Preferences-Accounts
  • To fix any provisioning problems press on Fix Issue
  • Start the iOS App Signer and select the atvipa.app file which you can find in the payload folder in the Pangu download
  • From iOS app Signer select Certificate and Provisioning Profile for the app you just created in Xcode
  • In iOS app Signer press Start; and the atvipa.ipa file should be now on your Mac desktop
  • Now Open Xcode go to Window—Devices and select your Apple TV unit
  • From Installed Apps press on the “+” button and from the desktop select the atvipa.ipa file
  • The Pangu jailbreak tool will now be on the Apple TV 4/2. After it is shown on the Home screen of your Apple TV, Start it and complete the jailbreak procedure by starting the app
  • Congratulations!!! You can  now SSH into your Apple TV 4  using the Apple TV Wi-Fi IP address

Now you will able to install the all third party app you want. The interface might me some change but you will get familar with after some time. So, do let us know if you have any oher simplified method to Jailbreak of Apple TV 3 and 4 in the below comment section.