As the world is inclined towards survival and other thrilling games, Bubble Shooter has emerged as a super fun game that will be played the most in 2022. Bubble Shooter has stood out as both a PC and a mobile game for its simple design and exciting gameplay. Bubble shooter is an amazing way to relax your mind and spend your free time excitingly. To score in this game, one has to create a combination of two or more bubbles of the same color and switch between the bubbles. The game’s objective is to burst as many bubbles as you can from the bunch of colored bubbles that float on the top. You can aim the bubbles of the same color and shoot them to burst and score.

As you burst all the bubbles, the bunch comes down and to win the game; you have to make sure to burst all the bubbles before the cluster of bubbles reaches the bottom of the screen. However, if the timer reaches “zero,” you will lose the game and have to start all over again. Read through this article to find out why Bubble Shooter might be the game of the year in 2022. 

For Every Age

Bubble Shooter can be played by everyone irrespective of their age. Whether you are seven or seventy years old, you will enjoy Bubble Shooter to the fullest. The game has no age barrier, and it is one of the reasons for the wide popularity of the game. You don’t need to specialize in particular skills to master this game. This game can be played by children, adults, and elders and optimize your fun after a hectic day. You can play Bubble Shooter online or download it on your phone or PC.

Neither is the game complicated nor demands much effort from you to learn and have fun. The only skill you need to have is to aim the bubbles to the same colored ones so that you can burst them and score. There’s no rocket science in playing this game and that’s why everybody can enjoy it. 

Fun & Excitement

Bubble Shooter is a source of endless fun and excitement for every player, and one can never be bored of the game irrespective of how many times one has played it. Moreover, the time-sensitive nature of the game makes it thrilling and challenging for a player to score more in the given time limit. As players progress to the next round, they come across several new challenges that add up to the game’s intensity. 

With every new level, you can prepare yourself for the worst that is about to come and improve yourself. To score your best at every level, you have to strive hard and focus on your aim. The adrenaline rush is high when the timer is about to reach zero, and you have few bubbles left to burst and score the best. Beating the timer and scoring our absolute best makes you a pro at this game. Moreover, you must be aware of the feeling to be the top scorer. 

Best Way To Relax Yourself

Studies have proved that games are an amazing way to relax one’s mind and calm your unsteady nerves. Video games have a positive impact on one’s mind and body and enhance a person’s cognitive abilities. People who play games have better reflexes and cognitive abilities and are happier than others. Games enhance the decision-making abilities, attention, perception and memory of a person. Likewise, Bubble Shooter helps you get rid of depression, reduce anxiety, and ignore bad habits that might negatively impact your overall health and well-being. Bubble Shooter lets you escape the problems of the world and have a good relaxing time, even if it’s for a few minutes or an hour. 

Competitive Game

Everybody loves a bit of healthy competition that allows you to have fun and boost your top score among your peers. Beating your high score can give you immense satisfaction every time you play a new game and score high in Bubble Shooter. Moreover, you can even compete with your friends or other players and beat them in less time and score higher than everyone. 

On sites like MPL mobile games, you can compete in Bubble Shooter online competition and win exclusive prizes for getting on top of the scoreboard. The competitive spirit of the game will give you immense excitement and endless joy. 

Enhance Your Focus

Every competitive game demands several skills for you to ace; however, Bubble Shooter demands your unwavering focus and determination to ace the game and score the highest. Moreover, it is an enormous game that will help you to enhance your focus and concentration. While you are time-bound and scoring high is a priority, you are bound to stick to the game as losing focus isn’t an option. Your sole objective has to beat your opponent’s score and burst all the bubbles before the time reaches the limit. 

Communication With Other Players

Bubble Shooter allows you to connect with different people, build a healthy connection, and learn several gaming tips and tricks. You can invite your friends for a match or even connect with players online and beat them to score the highest among all. Moreover, once you have become the master of this game, you can boost your personal best score among your peer group and become the “Bubble Shooter star.”


Burst the bubbles and bust stress from your life. While the global pandemic has locked everybody in their homes, Bubble Shooter can be a viable game for you to beat the stress of work and other responsibilities. Bubble Shooter allows you to take some time off for yourself, get rid of stress and anxiety, and regain newfound energy to resume work with full concentration and attention.

Bubble Shooter might turn into a healthy obsession, and you can bag exciting rewards when you beat your personal best score. Bubble Shooter can be a great game to ease your stress after a hectic day at work and make you feel relaxed and calm. 

These are some of the best reasons why Bubble Shooter can be a popular game in 2022. Play Bubble Shooter and bid farewell to all your stress and relax!

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