It’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure kids are using their phones appropriately. However, kids consider their devices to be as personal as diaries. As a concerned parent, when your children’s behavior shifts radically, you start getting worried.

But how can you keep track of them when they keep their life too private? What if I told you there is an easy way to monitor your kid’s iPhone without seeming intrusive?  Well, TeenSafe got you covered.

Track Children's iPhone
Its easy to track Children’s iPhone

If you follow this guide, monitoring your child’s iPhone doesn’t need any technical knowledge. Plus, with over 35 parental control features, you get to watch your kid’s Phone activity 24/7 without them knowing.

Part 1: How to Monitor Children’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

iOS devices claim to be the most secure software in the market.  Sure enough, it’s quite challenging to monitor an iPhone using any trial-and-error method. Once you begin browsing, you’ll find several apps and tools that claim to track your child’s iPhone for free.

However, most of them are unreliable, fraudulent, and waste of time. Instead, we recommend a service that offers affordable pricing, but it’s more trustworthy.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t need to subject your kid iPhone to modification, such as jailbreaking. Most monitoring apps that work discreetly without being caught often require a jailbreak. But that’s not the case with TeenSafe parental monitor.

TeenSafe- The Answer to iPhone Parental Monitor

TeenSafe is the world’s best iOS device monitor app that’ll help you view your children’s iPhone activity in real-time. It’s a trustworthy and well-regarded iPhone parental control solution.

Due to its efficiency, TeenSafe legal monitoring software is being used by millions of people in 190+ countries worldwide. Even notable publications such as The Next Web, Tech Advisor, and Mac World sings its praises.

Why TeenSafe? Because it has been designed using cutting-edge technology, making it impossible to detect. You don’t need to install any app since TeenSafe runs on an entirely web-based platform. You can run it on any PC, tablet, or smartphone using any web browser.

Well, the app is compatible with all iPhones and iPads, regardless of the iOS version. Even better, one doesn’t need to jailbreak their kid’s iPhone to get results. Jailbreaking breaches the security of an iPhone and also voids its warranty, and no one wants that.

To set up TeenSafe on your daughter/ son’s iPhone, all you need is their iCloud account signed in credentials. It takes just a few minutes to synchronize with iCloud backup data and retrieve the required information.

This is only a glimpse of all that TeenSafe has to offer. To learn more, click on why TeenSafe is the best app to monitor kid’s phone in the market.

Part 2: How to Use TeenSafe to Monitor Children’s iPhone Secretly 

You might find it surprising that monitoring your kid’s iPhone using TeenSafe can be done quickly. Here is how it works:

Steps to Start Monitoring Children’s iPhone Without Them Knowing.

Step 1: Visit the TeenSafe homepage and create a free account using your current email address. Purchase a suitable subscription plan for the target iOS device. 

Step 2:  You’ll receive a confirmation email, click on the ‘start monitoring’ button. Once on the control panel, enter the kid’s name, age, and select iOS as the operating system.

Step 3: Enter and verify the iCloud credentials of your kid’s iPhone. Ensure the two-factor authentication on the target iPhone is disabled.

Step 4: Follow the setup wizard and choose the child’s iPhone linked to the iCloud ID.

Step 5:  Hit on the ‘Start button, and you’ll be directed to your TeenSafe dashboard. Wait a few minutes to load the features before you start monitoring your kid remotely.

Part 3: What Can TeenSafe Do for You

Whether it’s a website surfed or a social media accessed, call placed, or a text sent/received. With TeenSafe iPhone parental monitor, you can remotely monitor your children’s phone and yes, without their knowledge.

Let us dive in and see a few of the features TeenSafe has to offer:

Location – TeenSafe’s location tracker uses the integrated Google maps to provide WI-FI based location coordinates. You can easily view your child’s live movement and recent locations along with the timestamps.

Geofence Alert – You can use the TeenSafe geofence feature to set boundaries for your child’s location on the map. When the device crosses these parameters, you’ll get an alert. It ensures your kid doesn’t wander away from school.

Track SMS – Text message feature  allows you to view your children sent and received iMessages, even the deleted ones. You get to see media files, contact info, and timestamps of each text.

Call Monitor – Using TeenSafe, you get the best phone call recorder app. It remotely records all the incoming and outgoing calls on your kid iPhone. It also shows the frequency, time, and date of the calls.

Social Media Monitor – TeenSafe has inbuilt modules for monitoring the social media activity of your children without even knowing the password. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram, and much more.

Monitor Browser History  – The search engine history of your kids shows what they are searching for on the internet. TeenSafe monitoring happens in real-time, meaning you can learn what sites they’re visiting while at school. Plus, you can block a specific website.

Part 4: What Make TeenSafe The Best Parental Monitor App 

Quick Setup:  You don’t need to have technical skills to configure the iCloud ID to set up TeenSafe. Using any web browser, follow the straightforward instruction, and within 5 minutes, the app is up and running.

No Jailbreaking: TeenSafe features advanced technology that allows it to operate on any iPhone without any alterations.

User-friendly Web-based Interface: You don’t need to download the TeenSafe app to monitor the phone data. All you need is an internet connection and an open TeenSafe dashboard in any web browser.

Stealth Mode: TeenSafe for iOS works discreetly using the iCloud backup feature. The children will never suspect being monitored, which makes parents live a lot easier.

  100% Reliable: TeenSafe is legally and globally recognized, making it one of the best authentic software. It doesn’t contain any virus or malware.


While there are many ways to monitor children’s iPhone without them knowing, TeenSafe is undoubtedly the most astounding. All you need is your child iCloud credentials, and without jailbreaking, you can easily monitor his/her iPhone activity.