Finally, the long awaited iPhone7 has been launched by the Apple. Similar to their previous launches, this launch also took place in September. As usual, before the launch of their iPhone worldwide, there were a lot of speculations and leaks about the looks and the specifications of the iphone7. Now put the leaks aside and it’s time to go deeper into the Real iPhone7.

What’s new in this  iphone7?How is it better from other iPhones? Does camera quality improved??? What about battery life?? 

The main features  and the specifications of the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus are listed below


Iphone7 has a premium aluminium body as of their other iPhones. But this time, they come up with more glossy and luxurious look. Iphone7 and iphone7 plus will be available in Rose Gold, Silver, matte black and high gloss jet black finish. So, this time, they are eliminating their space grey colour and giving the options of two shades of black.

iPhone 7 & iPhone7 plus
iPhone 7 & iPhone7 plus

The best thing about this iPhone is that it will be fully water and dust resistant. The company like Sony and Samsung (Sony Xperia Z5 & Samsung Galaxy S7) already launched their waterproof products and iPhone doesn’t want to stay behind in this regards.

Water Resistant iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus
Water Resistant iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s Senior vice president Phil Schiller Also told in the big launch that they are using an innovative  technology to make their phones fully water resistant , he explained that if water comes through the iPhones’ speaker in the phone then the speakers itself eject the water to the outside. Isn’t it great?

iPhone also made some changes in their home button, they have created a force sensitive home button this time.


Similar to iPhone 6, iPhone 7 also has Retina HD display. It has a resolution of 1334×750 pixels. As there was much concern about the display the in past, this time iPhone 7 ratina display is 25% brighter than phone 6S and 6S Plus. But the thing to remember that it will consume more battery for this!

Apple iphone 7 display
25% Brighter display this time compare to iPhone6


All the time this is the main focus area of the launch, and iPhone also getting better and better in their Camera quality. This time, they did a lot of improvement and up gradation in their cameras.

Specifications of Camera of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Features iPhone 7  iPhone 7 Plus
Primary camera12 MP wide-angle12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto cameras
Secondary / Front Camera7 MP7 MP
Optical Zoom —2x
Digital zoom6x10x

The iPhone 7 rear-facing/primary 12MP camera can shoot high-resolutions videos up to 4K.and with the 7 MP front camera you can have quality selfies with rich colours. But the main highlight of the launch was that “the iphone7 plus has a dual rear camera”. One camera is similar to iPhone 7 for wide angle and another will be a telescopic type for better zooming. Both these cameras work together to provide a 2x optical zoom and a 10x digital zoom.

Wide angle and Telephoto lens
Dual Camera lenses in iPhone 7 Plus

And also with the use of the both cameras at a time, it will make possible to capture real time in depth picture. We can sharply focus the foreground and blur the background at the same time. It won’t be possible with single wide angle camera. So means this time apple has taken the camera technology to the next level.

And one thing may get surprised you that, it is not the first company who is providing dual camera in their Smartphone’s, Companies likes LG & Huawei (LG -G5, Huawei Q5) Already launched their handset with these dual lenses features.For the very first time, iPhone 7 camera also has an option of Optical image stabilizer.

There was always a concern of low light photography with phones, in this regard apple really work hard. iPhone 7 have larger aperture f/1.8 compare to iphone6 f/2.2.   Apple has ensured in the launch that this is the ‘Best iPhone ever created for low light photography’. In the new iPhone7, the sensor receives up to 50% more light and four dedicated LEDs make the flash 50% brighter.

For the very first time, iPhone 7 camera also has the facility of Optical image stabiliser. This feature is quite common in DSLR cameras. So the next time you don’t have worry about the shaking hand while taking pictures with your iPhone 7.


The first-time apple introduced the stereo speakers system in their iPhones. There are  two stereo speakers one at the top and one at the bottom of the iphone7. The company told at the launch that it has 2x of the volume of the iPhone 6s.

Stereo speakers - iPhone7
Dual Stereo speakers in iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus


So the era of the headphone jack is over for iPhones with the launch of new iphone7 & iphone7 plus at Sanfransico. It was the biggest surprises from the launch.But the question arises, why they did so?? What will be the alternative to this? What about my BOSS, JBL, Sony earphones or old iPhone’s ear pods??

The company told the reason for that, this will not only help to make their device thinner and water resistant but by taking this bold step they have also taken a step into the future of wireless technology.

The ear pods which is coming with the iphone7 is of a different type. You can connect this new set of earpods with the lighting port. and if want to use other earphones of the 3.5mm headphone jack , there will also be an adaptor along with the earpods. You can easily connect your earphones with the adaptor.

Headphone jack adaptor
Lighting Adapter for connecting headphone jack

Apple also revealed its new wireless product which will be alternative to the wired earpods. They are ‘Air Pods’. It is quite different from the normal Bluetooth devices. It let you listen to the music, ping Siri, or talk on the phone.

Apple Air Pods
Apple AirPods are displayed during a media event in San Francisco, California

The company also claimed to have “Magical experience “ with the new design W-1 chip in the Air Pods. It has a consistent and reliable connection with around 5hrs of listing for a single charge. These Air pods come with a very small rechargeable box. This Apple Air Pods costs $159. Remember this is not coming with the iphone7 Box!


Both iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus will be Available in 32 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB storage.

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In the big launch the Apple claimed that they are offering better battery life compared to iPhone6 & iPhone 6 plus. In the iPhone7 it last more than 2hrs compared to iPhone6 and iPhone 7 plus, last more than 1 hrs compared to iPhone 6s Plus.


Pricing of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus & Apple AirPods

iPhone 7

$64932 GB
iPhone 7 Plus$769

32 GB

Air Pods



iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion chip. This chip is quad core 64-bit chip with over 3.3 billion transistors. With this brand new chip, you can have a faster and better experience in performance compared to iPhone 6S.


Like their predecessor, this iPhone 7 also has Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty. But here is a catch! iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are claimed to be fully water and dust resistant but with the user guide (Cleaning & Drying instructions) you will find that liquid damage to the iPhone is not covered under warranty! Apple also warns against to charge wet iPhone, which may damage the device.

* Pre-orders for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus already started from Sept. 9 and shipments starting on Sept. 16 Apple will release its latest iOS 10 software on Sept. 13.