Fax has always been a preferred communication method for official use. It is an important apparatus for sending and receiving a fax. In the modern age, fax is still preferred by many professionals who have to share confidential information.   

 A few years ago, people were not able to exchange fax without a fax machine. But today, sending and receiving fax without fax machines is not only possible but an effortless, stead-fast and most adapted procedure. 

Fax machines are hard to manage as you have to invest a fine amount of money to buy them as well as maintaining fax machines is also difficult. You can send and receive fax conveniently by just using your computer with an active internet connection. Follow this guide to have a know-how of online faxing

Exchange Fax without a landline connection

The simplest answer to this question is Yes! You won’t be setting up a fax machine or other fax apparatuses for doing this. Local and International faxes are difficult with fax numbers from phone company’s but the latest technologies have made this process easier too.

To send and receive a fax, you don’t have to get a landline connection or calling a telephone operator for a fax number. There are many fax service providers that help you do the job without any investment in hardware.

How to send and receive fax online

A few years ago, many tools were required for sending and receiving fax such as a computer, telephone cables, fax machines, paper, and toners. The list of inconveniences lengthens if you start using fax through the fax machine. But, the advent of technology is fading away these apparatuses

You don’t have to get a landline for using fax as it’s a part of older days as acquiring a phone connection just for using fax is undesirable. Sending and receiving international fax doesn’t require heavy fax machines. You will be exchanging faxes using Internet Fax Service Providers.

CocoFax, Exchange Fax without Phone Line

Millions of people rely on CocoFax as it’s a revolutionary online fax service provider. It is an all-in-one fax solution that has been featured by many international platforms including the New York Times. Forbes, PCMag, TomsGuide, and Life wire. 

CocoFax is a well-reputed brand and offers a multitude of ways to send and receive fax by using the internet. You can use your desktop computer, smartphone, and iOS devices as you have a portable fax device. Therefore, you don’t have to invest money on cables, fax machines, toner or paper. You can send fax wirelessly.

Why choose CocoFax for faxing without Phone Line

CocoFax saves your time and money by getting and maintaining fax equipment. Moreover, its economical fax packages could be availed after the free trial of 30 periods. Start using CocoFax to fax from computer without phone line. CocoFax provides a free fax number to fax over the internet.

CocoFax is one of the top leading internet fax service providers. You can send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime. You can also save the fax documents and encrypt them to save from online malicious attacks. 

How does CocoFax Work?

CocoFax is an online Fax service provider which serves as a bridge between fax machines and the internet. You can get your CocoFax online-fax solution here >> for sending and receiving fax without a phone line and fax machine. 

As computers and the latest devices work on digital signals whereas fax machines were based on analog signals. CocoFax continuously converts the signals so that the documents are received in readable format over the fax machine and computer as well. 

Multiple ways are available to fax with CocoFax which are listed here

  • By downloading CocoFax on handheld devices 
  • By using Computer or Laptop
  • By using any email account, including Gmail and Yahoo.
  • By using a web browser and Google drive


  • CocoFax, Fax from Computer without Phone Line 


CocoFax also offers a computer based faxing solution for your ease. Sending and receiving a fax with a computer does not require heavy fax machines anymore.

Send fax through Computer

Step 1: Create your CocoFax account and get a free trial for 30 days. You can also choose your fax number for sending a fax without a phone line.

Step 2: Open the CocoFax dashboard and create a new fax. Type in the subject and body of the in the new fax wizard which will appear as fax title and cover page respectively.

Attach your file to be sent as a fax. For sending the document, type in the complete fax number of the receiver in the following format:

 [receiver’s fax number] [@cocofax.com] 

Step 3: Hit the Send button after filling in the mandatory fields. CocoFax sends automated alerts for the successful and unsuccessful delivery of faxes. You can access these messages from the CocoFax inbox.

Receive Fax using computer

You wouldn’t have to do anything to receive a fax, CocoFax does the fax receiving process automatically for you. You don’t have to keep your computer turned on for this purpose.

Login your CocoFax account to check your received faxes rather than buying a fax machine. After opening the CocoFax dashboard, click on the inbox folder to check all faxes sent to your fax number.

CocoFax inbox contains all the received faxes with timestamps and transmission logs. Sender details are also attached to CocoFax received faxes. Free online receiving of fax has made faxing quite easier.


  • CocoFax, Fax without Phone Line using Email 


You just need an active internet connection to use CocoFax. CocoFax offers to send and receive faxes directly using email clients over any device. 

Send Fax using Computer

For sending fax online, signup with CocoFax to get a free trial for 30 days and a free fax number. Open your email account and navigate to a new email for creating a fax document.

You can attach the files, enter receiver details, subject and cover pages for the fax documents you want to send.  File formats supported by CocoFax email solution include pdf, Xls, doc, jpg, and png. 

Hit the send button after filling in all the details and CocoFax starts translating the data into a fax document. All faxes sent my computers to require a working internet connection. CocoFax also provides free alerts for the successful and unsuccessful delivery of the fax. 

Receive fax through Email

As you already have a CocoFax account and email address, you won’t be doing anything else to receive faxes. CocoFax sends and manages all the faxes to your email address. You will also get the fax as an email even if you are not connected to the internet.


  • CocoFax, Web-based Solution for Fax


You can also use a web-browser for sending and receiving fax through CocoFax. Open the CocoFax dashboard as you had already created an account. You can create a fax by clicking on the new button. Type in all the mandatory data and send it by entering sender address.

You can also receive faxes in the international fax number provided by CocoFax. All faxes are sent to your CocoFax inbox and you can check them any time. Sender details and fax transmission log is also attached with the documents,