Scrabble is an exciting game. If you love it, you probably know most of the ground rules such as the words allowed and how to place the tiles. However, the rules are not definitive and can differ according to region and level. In most times, you have to come to a consensus with the opponents before the game starts. Nevertheless, there are other rules that you probably don’t even know they exist. They are quite interesting and can actually help you win.

Passing Your Turn 

If you don’t have a word or are holding to get a better word, you can always pass your turn. Unfortunately, you don’t get any points, and the next player plays their turn. In addition, if zero points are scored consecutively six times, whether through passes or false words. You can pass your turn, but the game ends if a player passes six consecutive times.

You Can Extend A Word Both In Front And At The End

We all know that you can extend a word and earn points. What many don’t know is that you can add letters on either side of a word and even get more points. For instance, if the word “able” is on the board, and you have the letters ‘d’, ‘I’, ‘s’ and ‘d’, you can add them to create the word “disabled.”

If Your Word Covers Two Triple-Word Squares, Earn Nine Times The Points

This type of play is called a “triple-triple,” but it doesn’t come by easily. To calculate your total score, add the values of individual tiles in the word and then multiply it by nine. Also, remember to factor in double-letter score bonuses.


Did you know that you can earn an extra 50 points just for playing all the seven tiles in a single turn? Well, you surely can, and that’s what we call a Bingo in Scrabble. It occurs when a player uses all their seven tiles in one turn. When this happens, you earn an extra 50 points. If you play a word like “squeeze” for instance, you earn 25 points from the word and an additional 50 points for using all the tiles hence you get at least 75 points.

Players Can Challenge Play

If you suspect that a player is playing a fake word, you’re allowed to challenge their play. However, you must agree before the game begins if a lost challenge leads to losing a turn or points. For instance, in most cases when a challenged word turns out to be false, the player who played it takes back their tiles and loses their turn. In some other versions, the challenger loses their turn if the challenged word turns out to be acceptable.

Words Without Vowels Are Allowed

Scrabble does not recognize ‘y’ as a vowel, and therefore, you can play many words without vowels. If you don’t have any vowels, don’t worry. Just play a non-vowel word such as rhythm, mm, myth, lynx, and many more.

With these unusual rules, you can surely take advantage and score many points. And you can even score more points by using unscramblex to unscramble the letters and get high-scoring words.

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