If you are searching for a new approach to access informal apps on your device, don’t look anymore. It is a windows-based application that can support the side loading of unsigned IPA files to the iPhone or iPad. And it will function if you have two-factor authentication activated on your Apple ID, in opposition to many other comparable applications.

What does AltStore mean?

It is a free option to load unsigned IPA files on your device. You will just need your Apple ID and the file you wish to sign up for, your iPhone or iPad UDID and an up-to-date version of the iTunes installed on your computer. It’s dead simple to use.

Apple would issue a verification number (6-digit), which you must also input if you set up two-factor authentication on your device. The great part is that if the program can operate with more than one Apple account, it will store all the information on when the packages signed expire, normally in seven days.

How to get AltStore?

The AltStore lets you install applications and games you can’t find without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad on the official App Store. AltStore also allows you to download side-load programs (IPA files) over the Web in addition to functioning as a store. In addition, AltStore operates on your Mac or Windows 10 PC by creating a server, so make sure you get access to a computer before starting.

AltStore is an application for Windows only. You don’t have to jail your iPhone or iPad and may sign up to three applications per Apple ID utilizing a free Apple ID. And before you start, you will download IPA files on your device.

Steps To Follow: 

  • Download AltStore on macOS and install
  • Launch AltStore. It is shown in the menu bar as an icon.
  • Select the Install Mail Plug-In on the AltStore icon in the menu bar.
  • After you have finished installing your mail program, restart. Next, the mail plugin must be activated. To do so, select Preferences and click on Mail in the menu bar.
  • Click on Manage Plug-ins for more information.
  • Activate AltPlugin.mail bundle plugin, then click Apply and restart mail
  • Link your iPhone to your machine now. Run your iOS smartphone and trust the device if requested.
  • Open iTunes and activate Wi-Fi syncing for your iPhone while you’re on macOS Mojave.
  • You may go to iTunes Summary of your iPhone if you are on macOS Catalina and activate this iPhone on Wi-Fi. If you don’t know how click on this website for a guide Read
  • Now in the Menu Bar, click on the AltStore icon, then choose your iOS device and click Install AltStore.
  • When requested, enter your Apple ID and password.
  • AltStore is installed on your iPhone in only a few seconds. After you have installed your Apple ID, touch Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management, and hit Trust.
  • Now go to the next step to learn how to install AltStore applications.


  • Make sure you get to start installing your IPA files in AltStore before you start.
  • Download and install an iOS device with the AltStore App.
  • A PC with the Installed AltStore.
  • Using a USB cable.
  • Wireless Internet access is steady.
  • The iOS and the PC both have to operate on the same Internet connection.

How can I install iOS apps with AltStore?

  • Download the.IPA file from an application on your iOS device in our IPA Library. If you have an IPA file that you want to install, you may skip this step.
  • Open the AltStore app on your device and click on the My Apps tab after the IPA file is downloaded.
  • Top left corner of the Plus symbol. You will display a list of your downloaded IPA files. Tap the IPA file that you have already downloaded.
  • If you first use AltStore, then your Apple ID and password will be requested to start the installation.
  • Installing the application starts with AltStore. The installation takes a few minutes.
  • When the app is installed, you may launch it from there or from your Home screen on the My Apps page.
  • Apps last for seven days and may simply be resigned by visiting AltStore’s My Apps, then clicking the “X days” icon beside the app.

Is it secure to install iOS Apps with AltStore?

It’s totally safe AltStore. For a while, I used it myself. It doesn’t save personal details and requires simply your Apple ID and password to sign up for the app/jailbreak tool. The moment to find out what you’re doing is the only time when it’s not safe.


This is all about How to install iOS Apps with AltStore? In this article, I have included the steps which you need to install IPA files from AltStore. Hope that now; you have a basic understanding of how exactly AltStore works?

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