We have seen a huge development in the photography field in these years. From capturing high-definition images to high-definition video recording. Although recording motions in the videos were inefficient, now a new series of cameras-the action camera, have surfaced which can record while moving, at different resolutions and frames without any blurs.insta360-one-x reviewInsta360 have now released their ONE X, shifting aside any competition as it includes the best features of all available competitors and has also added its own perks. Not only can it shoot 5K videos at 30 fps, but it also has the ability to capture the entire 360 views as per the user’s control. It also has its own dedicated editing app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Editing videos have become easier as the app can add effects or sounds. The aggressive pricing of $399 also threatens the other competitors of the series.

Best in Class Features

The features coming with ONE X are the best-updated versions till date, providing the best value at its price. Insta360 ONE X has the capability to record videos at 5760 x 2880 at 30 fps coming quite close to a 6K video. This feature enables recording at high speeds, like when driving, feel smooth and effortless.insta360-one-x reviewThe ONE X enables recording slow-motion shots in 3K at 100 fps or 4K at 50 fps. With interpolation from its dedicated app, it can simulate videos up to 3K at 400fps and 4K at 200 fps. The ONE X’s bullet time mode records360-degree slow-motion shots of the moment in high resolution. Also a wider field of view and variable aspect ratios powers up this modes.insta360-one-x reviewHigh dynamic range shooting enables ONE X to capture scenes with more natural and original aspects as if seen through our eyes. Using the drift case, the ONE X can capture a video from a wide variety of otherwise impossible angles as it flies. If used wisely, this can provide a whole new level of video recording.

The selfie stick provided by Insta360 disappears like magic when used with the ONE X. This provides a clear, detailed picture all the time without the appearance of a black rod.

High Functionality

Insta360 ONE X also has extra options which increase its usage to more than just a camera. Using the ONE X app, editing videos on the go becomes easy. The smartphone becomes an editing board with a lot of effects and music to choose from. There are two cases which protect the device in various situations.

  1. Venture case – It provides protection against water drops and scratches and has a 5m water resistance. Useful during skiing, kayaking, diving, and other outdoor activities and sports.
  2. Dive case – Having 30m water resistance and dome lens for underwater stitching, it provides safety and seamless video recording underwater.

Insta 360 ONE X records the data through the GPS and displays altitude, speed, direction and a custom map on your smartphone These can be also uploaded to Google Street View in one touch.insta360-one-x review

Free captureUsing the shoot first point later concept, it can record a 360 video and display it as a non-360 video by choosing a perspective angle. It has various modes:

  1. ViewfinderEnables us to use our smartphone as a virtual camera with stabilization.
  2. PivotPoint – Uses keyframing for smooth view changes.
  3. Smart Track –Concentrates the camera along the selected object while recording.
  • Multiview – It can record from two cameras and overlay them upon one another to show two different perspectives.
  • Freecast – Live streaming of events, places, and tours is a popular way to interact with audiences. Freecast enables ONE X users to live stream and even change the view angles in real-time during free capture or tiny planet mode.

New Upgrades

Since its launch, ONE X is always being compared with its predecessor – the Insta360 ONE. Various features have been added or are the improved versions of those found in Insta360 ONE.

  • Removable battery – The battery can now be removed, thus increasing the lifespan and ease of use of the device.
  • Wireless Live Preview – Live previewing can now be done wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Dive Case with smooth stitching – Insta360 ONE X now has a dedicated Dive case for underwater recording. This case enables to stitch underwater photos and videos smoothly.
  • OLED Display –This addition shows the time recorded and the mode in which one is shooting thus being quite helpful.
  • Remote Activation – Using ONE X app on your smartphone, one can switch on the ONE X remotely. Especially helpful when the camera is away from the user on a tripod, etc.
  • Improved connectivity – Media transfer and sharing has become very fast with the support of 5G Wi-Fi or high-speed USB data cables.
  • Timeshift – This enables the user to slow down or fast forward during the video recording anywhere and anytime without any glitches or frame drops.


Insta360 ONE X has a price of $399 and is available through pre-order sales on the insta360 store and various e-commerce websites.


This device has been praised and accepted by various YouTubers, videographers and camera enthusiasts as the best buy in its price range. With a load of essential features and various modes, ONE X has garnered positive reviews and critics claim it as a strong contender for the best action camera of 2018.