Digital marketing has stood the test of time, proving to be an indispensable tool across various industries. However, as a marketer, this doesn’t translate to jumping from one channel to the next, running ads in every platform that your competitors are utilizing. You need to find a niche, evaluate its suitability, and settle for channels that promise better ROI. Among the modern channels that continue to attract a significant following is Twitch. With an incredible pool of gaming sponsorship opportunities, brands are harnessing Twitch streams potential in reaching out to an extensive pool of demographics, typically attracting mid-aged users.

Twitch, a video streaming site owned by Amazon, boosts of millions of visitors per day. While Twitch’s significant following is online gaming as streamers showcase their process, it provides an extensive pool of potential customers for brands across various industries. With over nine million channels and an average of an hour and a half watch-time per person, Twitch can dramatically enhance your digital marketing endeavors. The best part is, with reliable services such as Loggershut, you can comfortably include Twitch in your SoMe marketing strategy by finding the best gaming sponsorship opportunities and ads. If you are considering it, here are a few concepts you need to understand, ensuring that you do it right.

Natural Twitch power harnessing

Creating your stream, or going the traditional way with ads placement such as banners might take an extended period and considerable capital before realizing notable returns. As such, among the most effective and natural ways to harness Twitch’s power in your SoMe marketing endeavors is going the gaming sponsorship way. There are numerous opportunities on the platform, and with the right streamer, you can quickly spread the word, get your brand on the map, and enjoy significant returns. Streamers are a big thing, and with their influence, you can tip many consumers in your brand’s favor.

Before you invest your hard-earned cash into influencers, nonetheless, you need to do a little research, understand their stats, and choose the best fit for your brand. Loggershut does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to compare various streamers to find the best fit. Twitch streamers’ influence lets you capture a huge following. The streamers are classified into macro and micro-influencers.

Macro influencers

These are the well-established influencer, boasting a huge following. Macro influencers attract thousands or millions of followers, an example Ninja. Macro influencers are celebrities, and they enjoy a massive following across various demographics. If you are considering Twitch for brand awareness campaigns, macro-influencers are an ideal option, as they offer extensive visibility and awareness. The large audience, however, typically comes with a higher price tag. If you aren’t working with a flexible budget, it would be best if you stick to micro-influencers. With their exposure and experience, macro-influencers can boost your SoMe marketing across other social media channels, such as through posts.


Micro-influencers don’t have an extensive following, with the standard being around 10,000. Such a number might not initially seem like a considerable force to tip you in going for micro-influencers. Don’t let such a view interfere with your quests. Though the number isn’t that moving, micro-influencers offer an excellent opportunity. Their engagements are more authentic, fostering a more intimate relationship with their followers. Such a relationship is particularly beneficial if your goal is to push a new product or increase your sales revenue. The followers trust the influencer, and with their input, it counts almost as word of mouth marketing. The best part is that sponsoring micro-influencers isn’t that costly, providing an opportunity for smaller brands and businesses without an extensive budget.

You now have an idea of the best influencer for your brand, what’ next? You still have to choose the ideal partnership. Following your budget and goals you can utilize options including;

Gaming sponsorship

Sponsorship is perhaps the most effective approach as you also get a little control of the streamer’s activity. Sponsorship is straightforward, much like what you spot on your favorite sporting events. You can choose to provide the streamer with your products or pay in cash for the promotions. If you are providing the products, the streamer, for instance, can wear branded clothing, visibly place the products, and talk about your brand during the stream. It is like how a brand, for example, Adidas, provides sporting teams with kits, and in return, enjoys extensive visibility with the branded logos.

On-stream ads

The approach utilizes the free space of the stream’s screen. Placing banner ads on the free space, however, requires creativity. You don’t want the ad way down, where the visitors have to scroll down to see it, and neither do you want flashy displays that shout salesy. A creative approach, such as providing a promo code placed on top of the page, could work better than bombarding the visitors with salesy posts. People no longer want to be sold to. Still, they appreciate information and value, and on Twitch especially, where entertainment is the top consideration, you need to ensure that you aren’t seen as the party pooper.

Interactive giveaways

In this model, you partner with the streamer to run a promotional campaign. The conditions could be as simple as winning a voucher randomly or on set intervals through the stream. For example, a condition providing that the 10th, 20th, 30th comment and so on wins a shopping voucher keeps the interaction going throughout the stream, allowing your brand to leverage the influencer’s traffic to gain visibility, increase awareness, and improve sales.

As SoMe marketing continues to revolutionize how marketers approach consumers, brands cannot afford to miss out on the rich potential Twitch provides. Incorporating Twitch on your social media marketing endeavors doesn’t have to be that demanding, especially with the readily available influencers. Twitch provides a chance to work with thousands of potential influencers. Finding the best gaming sponsorship opportunities isn’t that demanding, especially with the help of services such as Loggershut. With the right influencer, an effective strategy, and consistency, you can hit a significant milestone.

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