When it comes to choosing a mobile phone plan, the most important thing to consider is that it doesn’t hurt to compare as many plans as possible. The days of choosing between just two or three plans are long gone, and now there are hundreds of plans from different carriers to choose from. Sometimes one carrier can have as many as 50 different bundled plans and its upon you to make your choice after going through all the offers. In this article, you’ll find a good guide to take you through.

Network Coverage is King

There’s no point in getting a great phone offer with reduced prices, but you lack any proper network coverage. At this point, there is literally no difference between your phone and a rock because without any network coverage, you cannot communicate with anyone.

A good carrier is one that can leverage on its industry networks and make agreements with other carriers for roaming access to their networks.

This will allow you access in other carrier locations where your own carrier does not have autonomy. However, when you’re looking to find the mobile phone plan to commit to, remember that when it comes to network coverage, the best option is to go for the larger networks such as Verizon and AT&T because there is a higher likelihood that these services have agreements with other network operators to ensure they have preferential rates.

Choose Preferential Internet Connectivity

 Internet connectivity is fast becoming the major point of access in communication. With integrated networks from your television to your car, all connected to the same internet grid, you cannot afford to make compromises on your access to preferential data sets. Your network carrier should be widely available to offer broadband internet as well as affordable Wi-Fi connectivity at home and outside. With great Wi-Fi connectivity, ypu can easily lower your overall phone costs without even being on a contract. However, since you’ll need call minutes and SMS services, you can opt to get a minimal package offering limited SMS and minutes if you are a heavy internet user. You can make calls via dedicated online caller services.

Plan for Your Resources Accordingly

Your carrier will offer you bundled offers on your post paid contract. These bundles are supposed to last you the entire month and if you plan and use the resources effectively then you will be able to capitalize on the savings you make on the bulk SMS, minute and data offers. However, if you run out of the resources, then you might be unable to make important social and business calls and this will be detrimental to your overall communication needs. The best way to plan is to check your resource use over the course of the month, even if you are on pre-paid options.

This will give you an indication of just how much resources you normally use per month. You can then add 10% on top to cater for emergency use, and this figure will be your monthly average. If for the first few months you realize you end up with more resources then you can bump down to a lower bundle. However, if you find your resources running out, then you should not immediately upgrade. Rather you should change your call and data to feature more internet based communication, and see whether this changes your resource use.

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