IQI is an electronic wearable gadgets manufacturer that specifies in manufacturing products with creative and high-quality designs which offer quality as this company works for the satisfaction of their client which demand more fashionable and advanced wearable gadgets. They deliver their services all over the globe and serve their client throughout many countries.

I4 3G Smartwatch Review

The most advanced and recently launched product of it is the I4 3G Smartwatch Phone sporting a 1.39-inch display with android OS and a quad-core processor featuring some amazing and powerful services. Day by day this company is fulfilling demands and interest of its customers and taking the tech world to new heights. Today we have the I4 Smartwatch for review so let’s take look at the features which attract users to buy it.

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I4 3G Smartwatch Review

Designed with Elegance

I4 3G Smartwatch

The I4 3G Smartwatch phone is perfect for those who love attractive gadgets and want to lead their day with technology. This watch has an electroplated aluminum case with anodic oxidation technology used which helps in protecting the case from fading. The appeal of the product is very eye-catching and charismatic. The intricate work of the craftsmanship and deftly designed features result in producing a product which is loved by its user. It gives a fabulous and amazing look to the wearer.


I4 3G Smartwatch Review

It has been designed according to the comfort of its user. The product is a combination of firmness and softness. It is having a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with 2.5 D ARC featuring an HQ display and colorful features. It sports a display with 400 x 400 pixels resolution which is protected by corning gorilla glass for protection and firmness. Picture format can be watched in the format of BMP, JPEG, and PNG. This watch is replacing a good quality phone by its feature. It’s a real and unimaginable truth that we are getting the best picture quality smartwatch on our wrist. We don’t need to open our phone repeatedly to check our information. We just need to touch our wrist and press a key to get it done.

Hardware and software

The world is fast and the gadget needs to be very fast to extricate the valuable time of a user. So the I4 smartwatch provides the best software and hardware service to give amazing and powerful experience to the user. It has MTK6580 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM AND 16GB ROM. The best part of this product is the availability of updated Android 5.1 lollipops. It requires single Nano sim which makes the services more comfortable and conservation of space for other hardware.

I4 Smartwatch

It has a good memory space. It is very familiar with an urban area. Its hardware and software can compete in a full-fledged manner to a running smartphone which is repeatedly proved by the manufacturer. Due to its lightning fast processor of 1.3 GHz. The multitasking work is very fast and easy. The tasks like video downloading, running apps, emails, and chats are not buggy or laggy. The memory is more than enough to store information and entertainment on the wrist. All supports like microphone, speakers, and headphones are supported. Nearly 20 languages are supported in this gadget.

Impressive Battery

The Battery life is very strong as it comes with a 350mAh battery that lasts for 48 hours while normal usage. Camera and music player can be used to entertain while going outdoors. It is well replacing a mobile phone as a unique gadget without getting worried about the important calls messages alarms or weathers. Just it needs to be placed on the wrist to get the best features ever.

Connectivity and networking

Connectivity service is another strong factor here. As it has Bluetooth 4.0 which has a range of 6- 10 m which is a wonderful feature along with single sim slot, GPS connection with the 2G/3G separate connection. It catches signal with proper accuracy resulting in no loss of network. It also has supports 850/900/1800/ 1900 MHz GSM Bands and 850/2100 MHz WCDMA Bands. It also supports Wi-Fi

Other main features

Other facilities found here which are actually very helpful and advantageous for the users are features like alarm, powerful browser, MP3/MP4 support, ready notifications pop up, sound recorder, etc.

The I4 also comes with full support for heart rate measurement, and you can also send messages through it, it also has a pedometer. Every user’s satisfaction is the main priority of IQI. So they work according to the interests and demands of different users making it their main principle. It brings the whole requirement of a user in a short gadget which is very handy and easy to use.

Simple knowledge to be known

The main things which a user needs to know about I4 smartwatch phone are that it is very time saving and cost saving choice to buy. It gives 1GB RAM+ 16GB ROM for fast transitions of the watch. Total weight of this product is only 60gm which is very light. Through the continuous usage of this watch you will no longer need to take out phone repeatedly to work but instead, will use the I4 smart watch phone. Which is going to become a vital part of your regular life.

Bottom line

After thoroughly reviewing the I4 3G Smartwatch phone, We can say that it is an amazing gadget to use for outdoors as it gives the best services ever without any risk or interception factors like cost and function it can be compared to a full-fledged smartphone. It sports everything which a normal person demands in a wearable gadget. The battery, connectivity, network, storage, hardware, and software everything is outstanding and it is facilitating the best feature for the comfort of users. It is a very durable product with a firm body and soft features.

The I4 smartwatch phone is the best option for users who need a budget smartwatch with some astonishing features.