With an ever-growing market for smartwatches, all the most prominent players, such as google, apple, and such, in the market are in a race to launch ever new smartwatches jam-packed with new features to beat the competition. Huawei has also launched Huawei Watch GT Classic Smartwatch, which is an improvement over its predecessors with great new features.

What’s in the Box:

Following are the things, you will recevie when you unbox the Huwaei Watch GT Smartwatch.

  • Huwaei Watch GT
  • Charging Pad
  • Charging cable
  • User manual

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Design and Appearance:

Huawei Watch GT Classic comes with a chronograph packed in an elegant round shaped dial which has a ceramic bezel design, stainless steel shell and has a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC coating). It has an AMOLED HD display of 1.39 inches which offers a bright display be it outside in the sun on a clear day or inside. It adds to the beauty and quality of the smartwatch.

This smartwatch comes with a leather strap which features a rubber underside making it great to survive the sweating if it is worn while a working out. Not to mention, you can customize the watch’s face according to your style and vibe. There is a variety of traditional and modern digital watch faces choosing from.


Huawei Watch GT Classic Smartwatch is jam-packed with tons of sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, optical heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, barometer sensor. It offers a Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, which can also give phone call reminders.

Health Tracking Functions:

This smartwatch comes with heart rate monitoring, pedometer, and sleep monitoring functions. A Tureen 3.0 heart rate monitor precisely monitors and reports all the changes in the heartbeats, be it due to being active or at rest, throughout the day.

The heart rate tracker tracks the fast, real-time, and accurate data based on the AI smart heart rate algorithm. Coming to the sleeping tracker, you can expect intelligent sleep statistics from Huawei Truesleep 2.0 because it is programmed for every sleep cycle. The sleep monitor can also successfully identify the common issues which are sleep-related.

Multiple Sports Mode:

It doesn’t matter whether you like to run, cycle, swim, climb, or any other athletic activity, you would be able to get sports recordings in real-time which also supportstheVO2 max estimation. Since, it has a 3 satellite positioning systems which are GPS, GLONASS, and DIPPER, one can get exact and rapid positioning, no matter where you are irrespective of the topology of the region.It can track the precise routes and workout data.

Waterproof Smartwatch

Watch GT is Water Resistant Smartwatch
Watch GT is Water Resistant Smartwatch

Huawei Watch GT Classic Smartwatch has a 5ATM water resistance, which means that you can take it out for a swim and track all of your movements, swimming activities, and the calories that you have burned. However, the leather band strap is inappropriate for swimming, so, you would have to change the strap.


For the Huawei Watch GT Smartwatch, Huawei has moved from the Wear OS to the Lite OS for the first time. Lite OS is its proprietary OS which was previously used in its fitness tracker.

With this smartwatch, you can get smart notifications such as steps count, whether you are sedentary or doing peak intense activity, messages, phone calls, reminders, and alarms. While you can reject a phone call, in order to receive a phone call, you will have to use your smartphone.

The smartwatch can seamlessly be interfaced with Android 4.4, iOS 9.0, and all of their successor operating system versions. It has apps such as barometer, compass, timer, find your phone, stopwatch, and a flashlight.

Battery and Stand by Time:

Huawei Watch GT Classic Smartwatch works on a lithium polymer battery of 420 mAh capacity. It can last for up to 2 weeks of daily use without a charge. However, if you are using it with all of its features on and functioning such as continuous workout-tracking, heartbeat tracking, and GPS tracking, it can last for up to 22 hours.

It can last you for about 30 days if it is functioning at a limited potential such as if your heart rate monitor is off, and you are just receiving messages and calls. The promise of long standby time is a highlight of this smartwatch and allows you to travel and workout freely without any limitations. The battery can be charged to a full in about 2 hours.

Brief Merits and Demerits:


Some of the benefits of this smartwatch includes: An elegant and gorgeous design, reliable and long battery life, precise health tracking, and affordable and decent price.


Some of the demerits include: No third-party app support, limited customization, and design which appears more masculine, making it less appealing to the people with smaller wrists.

To sum it all up, this smartwatch is nothing like Huawei Watch 2 and is better in every aspect. The device not only offers value for money but it even comes with many amazing features that certainly makes it a premium product to own. So if you’re looking for stylish smartwatch that covers most of your needs Huawei is certainly the watch you should look into.

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