So you urgently need a tablet? Well; we are here with a full-fledged guide to buying the best-budgeted tablet. Huawei Honor Pad 2, 8.0-inch Tablet PC is the latest and the most lucrative model in the market. The device is multi-dynamic with all the expected functions of a smartphone and PC together. The digital gadget has been recently released with an updated version of its previous model. Huawei Honor Pad 2, 8.0-inch Tablet would give you an idea that affordability doesn’t always make you compromise on your desires. The company has dramatically changed the market trend by replacing the inferior quality gadget with its exorbitant pocket-friendly launch.

Huawei Honor Pad 2 Review

There are a lot of features of Honor Pad 2 which is not available on the same budget tablets. So let’s take a look at them one by one and why it is the most affordable tablet for anyone.

The Huawei Honor Pad 2 Review: Quick Spec

Build Quality & Design

Why do you need 8.0-inch screen after all? Do you wish to watch movies or play games? Would the tablet be carried with you in the purse or simply remain at home? There are tons of questions that come in mind while buying a tablet. The perfect 8-inch screen size would qualify all the requirements. You can attach an extra keyboard and a stylus to make an extra use of the device. The Huawei Honor Pad 2 would perform everything for which it has been purchased. It will function well and make you feel satisfied with it capabilities always.

Huawei Honor Pad 2 Review

Talking about the design of the Honor Pad 2 is quite professional. There is no button available on the screen to navigate the menu it is available on the screen. The camera placement on the back side of the table along with the flash. To unlock and volume control buttons are available on the right side which is easily accessible. Over all the design of the Honor Pad 2 is good.


Huawei Honor Pad 2 is a perfect tablet for your daily use. It is equipped with the 8.0-inch 10-point touch IPS screen, brings your photos and videos to life. The resolution of 1920×1200 and Display ration is 16:10, provides you the enough brightness and to see the content. The eye protection more reliefs your eyes while reading the book on the tablet.

Operating System & Processor

The Huawei Honor Pad 2 has an android operating system. It flaunts the 6.0 marshmallow operating system that offers the best functionality. The impressive workability of Android has encountered the usage of windows OS in the recent years. Amongst several modified versions, nougat and marshmallow have dominated the market.

Having a powerful processor is the need of the hour. The Huawei tablet has Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa Core 1.5GHz (4 x 1.5GHz + 4 x 1.2GHz) processor inside its body.  With GPU Adreno-405, the tablet would do anything that you want. The high-end Intel processor lets the tablet execute every kind of work without overheating. The bulk work and game plays can all get considerably enjoyed with the conventional operating system accompanied with satisfactory processor speed.

Storage (RAM & ROM)

The advanced 3GB multitasking RAM gives the butter-smooth browsing experience. Besides, video-editing and multiple browser tabs, you can use the tablet to download some of the heaviest games that consume enormous space and power. The gadget has 32 GB ROM storage for maximum music, picture, games and video storage.

Huawei Honor Pad 2 Review

The Honor Pad 2 also support the Multi language so gone those days when the user interface just supported English as the key language. The recent launches have changed the trend through the multitude languages embedded in the devices. Huawei tab 2 has multi language support that is again a grand feature.


The tablet is blessed with robust apps from Google play. It includes enormous service suites including hangouts, calendar, Google maps, chrome browser, Google drive, and music app. The integration of the tablet is the smoothest with multiple user log-INS The highly customizable Huawei tablet is slick and user-friendly.


Huawei Honor Pad 2 Review

You don’t generally get a 4800 mAh battery power in a budget tablet. However, Honor Pad 2 is a real exception in this case. The amazing battery gives you 11 hours of whooping video streaming and gameplay experience. It uses a 100-240 V adapter to get charged. The power consumption is very low. So you can get a good battery backup.


There are no sim card slots in the tablet. However, other important functions like Wi-Fi and USB slots for data cable connectivity are present by its side. Also, the gadget has a 3.5 mm audio jack through which you can listen to music and stream videos in sheer seclusion. Huawei tablet boasts a Dual Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz network. It has inbuilt GPS and 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.


Huawei Honor Pad 2 Review

Since Huawei Honor Pad 2 (JDN-W09) 8.0-inch Tablet PC is more of a budget friendly device, we didn’t much expect from its camera quality. However, on clicking few shots through the tab, we were wronged for our assumptions. The back camera of the device is 8 MP and a flash light. The pictures come with the HD quality. You can further improve them through certain image editing apps. Now, talking about the front camera, the 2 MP cameras is not very doable for clicking selfies and making video calls. It’s kind of average in its quality and overall picture quality.


The Huawei model is quite affordable in comparison to other tablets out there. It has been priced at $239 at Gearbest for all the outrageous specifications and quality it has. Once you buy the device, there is absolutely no need for you to cling on to another android device after it. Literally, the tablet would do everything that an Android based PC for you.

Over To You

Well, if you are looking for a budget friendly tablet then you can go with the Honor Pad 2. The tablet is featured with the all new processor but not with the OS, but that can be resolved when the Update comes. The Pad 2 not support the SIM slot so that can’t use as Smartphone. Other wise this is a best Smart tablet use as PC.