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 Huawei Honor A2 Review: Can be Best Alternative To Xiaomi Mi Band 3

We can easily see the smart band market growing constantly better with the brimming sales. The manufacturers are recklessly creating wristbands with more features and specifications. In fact, we can easily find that the market has become overpopulated with a variety of digital wristband that tends to quench the requirement of the customers.

The common features like checking heart rate, calorie counting, and sleep monitor are no more taken as a special feature of the digital wristbands. In fact, the fitness features are considered as the prerequisite of such gadget. Here we have Huawei honor A2 with us which is recently launched by the Honor. So let’s take a look at this smart band see how it is better than with its competitors Mi Band 3:

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Huawei honor A2: Build Quality & Appearance

Everyone just loves to carry a smart-band irrespective of how their routine is. Therefore, the band comfort level is the first thing that we notice in any such gadget. Fortunately, Huawei has created a comfortable wearing smart band launched in different color variants such as White, Magic Black, red, and green.HUAWEI Honor A2 reviewThe Honor Band A2 is slightly big in size, unlike Mi Band3 it is slim in design. The strap is also easily changeable and you don’t have to remove the band to charge the device. The charging station comes in the box, all you have to mount the device on it and connect with the USB charger.

The 0.96 inch OLED Screen is Touch responsive and band is also IP67 certified. It is waterproof and dustproof as well. The battery backup of the device is up to 9 days.

Huawei Honor A2: OLED Display

The OLED screen used in the Huawei honor A2 smart bracelet allows multi-touch operation. The OLED display is the latest update which is rarely available in smart bands as of now. The passive Matrix OLED screen is made up of organic materials that emanate light on applying electricity. With a reasonable price, OLED screen is definitely a plus point to consider. Improved general optical performance, the screen quality also provides more durability to the device. The manufacturing process of the screen has undergone several researches and adding up additional materials for making it more versatile.HUAWEI Honor A2 reviewThe highly comfortable band is made up of high-quality TPU material which is water resistant, features, hypoallergenic and known for its ruggedness. The manufacturers have used Diamond prism texture on the surface for giving it a better look.

Huawei honor A2: Performance

As already mentioned, Huawei honor A2 smart bracelet is drenched with best of features and specifications. It has no shortage of fitness tracking features that provide real-time data keep you regarding your routine activities.HUAWEI Honor A2 reviewThe smart wristband immediately gets activated as soon as you connect a charger with it. The screen displays information regarding speedometer data, Bluetooth connectivity, battery and time/ date. The moment you tap upon the screen, it immediately displays the basic data. As you slide the screen, you would get to learn about the calories burnt and the next screen body communicates about the sleep quality you had last night.HUAWEI Honor A2 reviewThe moment one slide away from the main screen,  the smart band automatically activates sports mode for running and walking. As soon as you start moving wearing the bracelet, the device starts tracking your heartbeat, and calorie burnt while displaying all the information on it screen.

Huawei honor A2: Connectivity

Honor A2 have the Bluetooth 4.2 and you can connect the Band with your smartphone through the Huawei wear app. All you need to do is synchronize your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity in your bracelet. After you synchronize with your smartphone, you can clearly see the data on a big screen and minute specifications which are important if you are fitness freak. The Huawei wear app allows you to customize the notifications for you have a peaceful life. You can shut down the notification manage the information while someone contacts you on a call.

 Huawei Honor A2: Features

The band is IP67 dustproof and waterproof. The back side of the bracelet has a photoelectric heart rate sensor which is quite praiseworthy. huawei has not missed even a single specification or feature in this gadget. No matter whether we talk about the gadget appearance or the specifications, the gadget has everything to provide it a better rating and positive customer reviews.HUAWEI Honor A2 reviewThe band shows the notification like Alarm Clock, Call reminder, Find your phone, Message, Notification of app Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails. The Band will vibrate gently each and every time you get a new notification.

Huawei honor A2: 9 Days Battery

The building 95 mAh battery is much better than what other smart bands in the market carry. You need to organize the specifications so that the battery doesn’t get consumed faster. If paid better attention, you can expect the battery to last for 9 days.

On practically checking the battery, we found that it consumes almost 2% battery power when we took it for a running test for 30 minutes. In daily usage, the battery percentage drops to 4% from 91% at the end of the day. It takes approximately 90 minutes to gets charged using the data cable.

Huawei honor A2: Review

Huawei honor A2 smart bracelet is indeed a good choice with so many features and better specifications. The product has been customized according to the latest requirements of the users. With the altered performance, hardware, and software, you can stay assured of your personal satisfaction after purchasing the gadget.

Huawei honor A2: Price and Availability

The Huawei honor A2 is listed on the GearBest pre-sale at the price of $29.99. The flexible software of the gadget is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8.0. The life-altering gadget can greatly impact your health by constantly monitoring your routine activities. In fact, you can share the routine health data with fitness experts on social media platforms for creating more awareness amongst people.