There are many rumors and actual studies showing the adverse effect of gadgets and the Internet on students and education in general. However, there is always another side of the story. Today, we would like to show you how students can benefit from using writing apps and other online opportunities to take their essay writing to a new level.

Mind Map Services Organize Your Thoughts

There are plenty of them, some of them can be used online only, some can be adapted to smartphones, some are free of charge, some cost several dollars per month, etc. You have a choice, that is what really matters. Mind map managers help students to organize their thoughts in the form of so-called “mind trees.” The importance of such apps can’t be overestimated when it comes to generating ideas for research papers and argumentative essays. Well, when speaking about any creative assignment for that matter. First of all, it helps you to see the “variability horizon” and make notes the way you will never lose them. It helps to save the logic of your thinking when you start actually writing something or working at another creative task.

Grammar Checkers Polish Your Papers

Our brain is not capable of multitasking. Multitasking is a harmful myth. Our mind never (!!!) does several things at the same time, it just skips from one task to another really fast. It means that when you write your paper, you can’t edit it at the same time and you make mistakes and technical omissions and some small errors which can cost you the highest grade for your assignment. Another tricky point is, you spend hours dealing with a particular assignment, which means you lose your ability to be really critical about it. To find mistakes, you can’t notice already you should use grammar checking apps and grammar checking desktop programs. Most of them are free, but if you decide to pay for some premium version, it will have a tremendous positive effect on your essay writing skills.

Citation Generators Save Your Time

Some students complain that they spend too much time formatting sources used. It is especially irritating when you need to write a literature review for a term paper or research paper. To minimize time spent reading all those MLA and APA formatting guides, you can use citation generators to do all the work for you. They are free and rather advanced. You just need to choose the one that supports the latest updates in MLA and APA manuals. Look for citation generators capable of creating a citation based just on ISBN of a book or an article. You will spend seconds on creating an in-text citation and bibliography entry.

Paid Writing Services Help You Out

No matter what exactly you are looking for  — a professional writing service to order an essay, or a tutor to boost your knowledge in a particular field — you will find it online in a short notice. Online writing services similar to SmartWritingService are particularly popular with students nowadays, because normally students are overwhelmed with the assignments and they don’t have enough time to deal with all of them at the needed level of quality within the given timeframe.

Apps for Editors Help You Focus

The most popular example would be a FocusWriter, but it is definitely not the only available option out there. Such programs help you not to get distracted and focus only on writing. You can also use apps similar to the Forest — you set time without distraction, don’t use your phone all that time and grow a tree. If you get distracted — the tree dies.

No matter which apps and services you choose to use, keep in mind, that nothing can be more efficient than just setting a plan and dealing with it gradually and purposefully. Use service when you really feel you need it, don’t get dependent on them. For example, it is absolutely justified to order a paper online if the deadline is scarily close and you are overwhelmed with tasks, but you can’t make it a common practice, or you will forget how to learn on your own.

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