When Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone, he created history by connecting people across the United States. His work in telecommunications has revolutionized the way we work. In modern times, we prefer to make use of Internet Telephony as it is more convenient and economical. The technical term for the usage of the Internet in making long-distance calls is called as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. According to best online reviews, the best part of VoIP is that it is very economical and provides the best deal for corporates who need to cater to millions of clients around the globe.

We all love to speak to our friends and family living abroad but have we ever wondered how this amazing technology works?  This article will give some basic information on how we use VoIP technology in modern times to keep ourselves connected.

How does the ordinary Phone Work?

Over the ordinary telephone, our voice gets converted to analog audio signals that are then transmitted over the wire across the world. This basically means that you own that particular circuit area or telephone loop and that is why you pay exorbitant prices in order to speak to someone from another part of the world.

How VoIP Works?

Conversion from Analog to Digital Signals

VoIP has completely revolutionized this process as it converts these analog audio signals into digital ones that are then transmitted over the Internet all over the world. In other words, you no longer need the help of the traditional phone companies that charge you high rates for speaking to someone across the globe.

How Do Analog Signals Get Convert?

We use a coder-decoder called as a codec to convert analog audio signals into digital ones. The process by which this is done is called sampling. In sampling, the codec divides the audio signal into samples and then these samples are transformed into digitized data and compressed for transmission.

Even though each sample is separate, it still sounds as a single continuous sound when put together because the gaps between them are so small. The technique is similar to the earliest forms of movies made on celluloid wherein images are run very fast giving the illusion of movements. This technology is the precursor to the extremely sophisticated movies we see today. In the same vein, VoIP is a much-improved version of the earlier telephone.

The Use of Fiber Optic Cables and Packet Switching

Modern technology no longer needs long copper wires that need to be connected from one part of a continent to another. It makes use of fiber optic cables that are capable of transmitting a large amount of data from one part of the globe to another at very little time. Due to the advanced level of technology used, the cost is also reduced as fiber optic cables are much more economical than expensive copper wires.Fiber optics

The use of new methods of data transmission like packet switching and data compression reduces the effective storage space used by each calls that helps more calls to be spaced within the same fiber optic cable, making it easier to transmit more calls from a single cable compared to the old method of circuit switching which takes up a lot of space.

Bottom line- The Economy of VoIP as opposed to other methods

This is extremely beneficial for the customers as all calls become cheap due to the advanced technology used. The phone companies that used to rule the roost are bypassed entirely leaving you with unlimited access to a hassle-free and hearty conversation.

Now that we have discussed how VoIP works, let us see how to use VoIP effectively to maximize our benefits.

How Can We Use VoIP in our daily lives

  1. We can use an adaptor that converts your analog telephone signals into digital signals and sends them across the Internet on your device. This process is called the ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor.
  2. We can use special telephones called IP phones. These phones look like normal telephones but have a special Ethernet connector that helps you connect directly to your router to handle the IP call. If you have a Wi-Fi phone, it’s even better as you can connect to the IP call directly from any Wi-Fi hotspot.
  3. We can even make a computer to computer call without paying any charges by directly downloading appropriate telephonic software to our computer.

Why VoIP is the Smart Choice for Corporates

From the above, it is clear that VoIP offers many benefits that could not be made available by any other method of telecommunications. It is absolutely suitable for cost-cutting and helps in the growth of all kinds of companies- both big and small.


From the above, we can see how VoIP has revolutionized the way we work and we need to adapt our workplaces by accepting it as an inseparable part of modern business. Only in this way can we do justice to Alexander Graham Bell’s pioneering work in the field of telecommunications.

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