Writing an essay in an exam is nothing like doing it at home. Your time is limited and the veins are pumping with stress. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with the 3 main things you should know when preparing. Arm yourself with the knowledge and your paper will come out smoothly.

The 1st Thing: Preparation Starts Way Before the Exam

We’d say it starts right at the beginning of the semester. Lectures, homework, practice – all these have to be a part of your exam preparation. Going back to essays, though, you need two things: a good example and lots of practice. While the latter will come along as you do homework tasks, getting a nice sample may be tricky.

When it comes to free essay samples, you can never be sure of their quality unless a trustworthy source supplies them. However, it’s always better to order a task from a write my paper service. You don’t have to make up a topic to order an essay. Use a task you haven’t started working on yet. There are plenty of reasons why you would want someone to write your academic papers:

  • You’re busy preparing for other parts of the exam;
  • Another subject is your priority at the moment;
  • You need more rest because of an illness;
  • The teacher is too strict;
  • You lack motivation.

Outsource a part of your workload and take some time off or do another priority task. You’ll need that professionally written essay to set a proper quality bar for yourself.

The 2nd Thing: Time Management Is the Key

Even if you’re not good at it generally, do your best to use any piece of skill you have during the exam. If you take too much time structuring a perfect answer or writing several drafts, you’re out. Check out these tips:

  • Try practicing time management before the exam using your daily schedule;
  • Write practice essays with a 30-minute time limit;
  • Try answering exam-like questions by highlighting the main words;
  • Practice focusing on the task and reducing stress.

Time management and your knowledge will prepare you for a flawless essay.

The 3rd Thing: Outline Is a Must-Do

An essay is basically an outline filled with the information you remember from textbooks and notes (aka the answer to the question). If you save time by skipping building a plan of the paper, $100 says you’ll get stuck midway. Ideas come and go, especially when you’re limited in time.

Never underestimate the importance of an outline:

  • It takes minutes to build a decent plan;
  • While building, you can fill it with notes that will make up your draft eventually;
  • You won’t lose any important information while writing the final version;
  • Your essay will be easy-to-read and logical by design.

During the evaluation of your answer, the structure of the paper will play a huge role. The fact that you are able to build a whole essay in just half an hour (more or less) will say a lot about you as a student.

Other Tips and Tricks for a Successful Exam Essay

As you master the main skills, here’s a bunch of other useful tips:

  • Keep it professional. Don’t let personal thoughts overshadow the actual arguments and evidence that support them.
  • Quality over quantity. You’ll get a better mark if you prove one argument and refute one counter-argument properly than if you explain five facts chaotically in 1,000 words.
  • Focus on the question. Do your best to not go off-topic, and if in doubt, ask yourself whether the info you’re about to provide is relevant to the question.
  • Always check your paper for structural irregularities, as well as for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Take Your Time to Prepare

A huge part of the pre-exam stress is actually not knowing what to expect from it. You won’t find out the exact questions before you start writing the exam. But if you’re prepared with the knowledge and a good essay plan in your head, it will be easier to calm down. And once you do that, your thoughts will get in order and you’ll create a beautiful paper.

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